How To Make Up For Ela Eyes Step By Step?

Making Easy and Gorgeous Ela Eye Makeup in 5 Steps

Makeup is a subtle job. When determining the make-up colors, it is necessary to take into account both the color of the eyes and the tone and color of the hair. Ela eye makeup makes women look extremely impressive. Women with hazel eyes are very prone to green color. It is possible to make a perfect make-up by turning this into an opportunity. So how can you do that? If you want to wreak havoc with your hazel eyes, you should read this article about special makeup tips for hazel eyes and the tricks of doing hazel eye makeup. First of all, the colors used for hazel eye makeup are very important. If you also have hazel eyes, you can be the center of attention by making a perfect makeup according to the variability of your eye color.


How to Make Up for Ela Eyes?

What we need, let’s start here: Black eyeliner, eyebrow shadow, eyeliner, black mascara (also suitable for brown), green or brown shades (should not be too light.)

So what should be considered when applying hazel eye makeup? Here’s what you need to do step by step:

  1. 1- First, apply makeup base on your moist skin. Thus, makeup is applied more easily to the eye contour and becomes more durable.
  2. 2- Then apply a madam or dark shade of green or brown to your eyelids.
  3. 3- Then apply eyeliner or eyeliner to the eyelash bottoms to make the eyes clear. If you have big eyes, apply eyeliner into your eyelid after this procedure. If your eyes are small, you should apply the pencil to the lower lash bottoms.
  4. 4- Now apply your black mascara. If you are a blond lady, apply brown mascara.
  5. 5- Finally, make your eyebrows clear with eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pencil.

Which Headlight Colors Should Ela Use For Eyes?

  1. With lilac and purple shades, you can make your hazel eyes clear. Hazel eyes can use these shades in eye makeup, but if you want to look more energetic, you should turn to bright and bright headlights.
  2. Smudged eye makeup in brown tones reveals the color of hazel eyes. Lips should be left in nude colors while applying smoky eye makeup.
  3. Gray eyes are very, very good for Ela eyes. Shimmer pens and headlights will allow you to make the most of this color.
  4. Plum shades like gray, magenta and purple will also accentuate the green side of your hazel eyes. It is possible to show hazel eyes green with dark shades of plum eyeshadows.
  5. All shades of pink are suitable for hazel eyes. If you apply a night makeup in matte pink and red tones, nobody will be able to take their eyes off you.
  6. In daily makeup, it is recommended to draw a pencil into the eyes and apply a light shimmery white shade to the eyelids. This way, the gaze will be on you all day long.
  7. If you like natural makeup, headlights in nude and peach shades are for you. On the other hand, you can use false eyelashes to deepen your gaze.
  8. Being hazel-eyed is a great advantage. Because this situation offers the opportunity to use every color freely. Especially burgundy, purple and plum shades give hazel eyes a wonderful look.
  9. When choosing a pencil for hazel eyes, Ela should focus on the color blue. When Ela and dark blue come together, the harmony of opposites creates fascinating looks. You can draw a frame around the eye with a brown eye pencil and highlight your hazel eyes. The brown pencil you use should be in extremely dark shades.
  10. Dark brown, purple, green, gray, magenta, khaki and pink are the recommended eye shadow colors for hazel eyes. Especially gray looks great in hazel eyes.

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