How to make up for the first date? Do not give up naturalness!


When we go to the first meeting, we are dressed and painted carefully, from their clothes to their bags, from their bags to their makeup. However, in order not to be frustrated and to say “I did my best in the first meeting”, one of the issues that many women often have problems is makeup. Take care to keep it as low as possible in the first meeting makeup. If you do not want your makeup to look as thick as a cake on your face, we have listed the tips for applying natural makeup!

Skin makeup!

Regardless of the season, the weather may be hot or cold, it is very important that your skin make-up does not flow or deteriorate in the first meeting makeup. For this, before applying make-up, clean your skin and apply a base, then apply a lightly concealer foundation and apply light blush.

Eye makeup

You can shade or shoot eyeliner provided that it is not dark in color to add light depth and appeal to your eyes. Finally, you can put the last point on your eye makeup by applying mascara.

Choose Natural Tones on Lips!

Go to the lipstick selections that give a lighter color as naturally as possible on your lips, otherwise, while eating or drinking something, the dark colored lipstick can be smeared left and right and put your makeup at risk.

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