How To Pass A Newborn Jaundice

Neonatal jaundice, which is seen in 2 out of 3 of newborn babies, is a very important disease type for babies. This jaundice, which usually passes by itself within a certain period of time, can sometimes reach serious dimensions.

While genetic factors have a great effect among the reasons for the formation of this jaundice, reasons such as malnutrition of the baby and premature birth are among the reasons that trigger this jaundice. Newborn Jaundice is seen as yellowing in the eyes and face of the baby as a result of the increase in the bilirubin substance in the blood. In the treatment process of this jaundice, details such as the weight of the baby and how many days pass after birth are very important.

How Long Does Newborn Jaundice Last?


This type of jaundice, known as a very important disease type for newborn babies, is diversified among itself. This newborn jaundice usually takes an average of 3 weeks from the moment it is seen and it improves spontaneously in this process. However, it is possible to recover in a shorter time during the treatment in hospital conditions.

Types of Newborn Jaundice


This type of disease, which is called neonatal jaundice, is a type of disease that is mostly seen in babies who have not completed 1 month of age. This jaundice is diversified as physiological and pathological jaundice. In order to decide which type of jaundice it is, it is necessary to know details such as which week the baby was born, how many weeks it is.

This type, which is described as physiological jaundice, occurs in a period such as the 4th day after birth. This type of jaundice, which takes 10 days of treatment, offers the opportunity to recover spontaneously. Pathological jaundice is a type of neonatal jaundice that is seen immediately after birth. This type of jaundice, which reaches serious dimensions, is caused by blood incompatibilities between the mother and the baby.

Due to these incompatibilities, some infections that pass to the baby while in the womb appear as neonatal jaundice after birth. also pregnancy Details such as the side effects of the drugs used by the mother during the process of the baby also trigger this jaundice.

Neonatal jaundice, which is seen in 2 out of 3 of newborn babies, is a very important disease type for babies.

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