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How to prevent facial sweating? Natural solution …

How to prevent facial sweating? Natural solution …

Excessive sweating in the head, face and forehead is the result of a person’s social and psychological state. Because of both the appearance and the unpleasant sensation, the solution is caused by the face sweat. So, how does face sweats go? Here are the natural solutions to prevent facial sweating …

Facial sweating disease, which is usually seen in men, is very common in adolescence and recurred in advanced ages. There may be stress and excitement or other emotional conditions under the face perspiration disease, especially in the summer. But how is the prevention of perspiration caused by the person’s social and psychological condition? Here are the natural methods of facial sweating.

What is Excessive Facial Sweat, Why?

Excessive facial (head, head) perspiration of the person’s daily activities, social life, learning, business life, psychological status to affect the degree, this condition is called extreme facial sweating disease (facial hyperhidrosis).

Normally, the structure of the sweat glands of individuals is normal unless there is a hormonal disorder. However, this condition of elderly people with excessive sweating disorder is defined as a disease. It is the overwork of sympathetic systems that adjust sweat condition as the cause of excessive facial sweating. In this case, hypersensitive sympathetic systems react to a person’s distress, excitement and sudden psychological stimuli. In these cases, the person involuntarily sweat from the face area. Facial sweating can be attributed to the following reasons;


* Being overweight

* Exercise

* Extreme hot weather

* Depression, stress

* Irregular operation in the brain

* Compelling activities

How to Prevent Facial Sweats

Temporary solutions can be produced for excessive facial sweating. As a temporary solution to facial sweating after 40 years of age; products such as gel, soap and lotion can be applied to the face area continuously in the morning and evening. These products containing aluminum chloride clog the sweat gland and prevent sweat from coming out. 

In addition, people with excessive sweating disease may resort to botox application as a last resort. Anticholinergic drugs also provide short-term relief. It is important to note that these medications, which are effective for 12 hours, have side effects such as dryness in the mouth and throat, blurred vision, palpitation and inability to reach the toilet. 

Those who face sweats do not consume them!

People with excessive facial sweats should avoid consuming some food. These foods; caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, sugar, garlic and onions. In addition, fresh fruit, sage, whole-grain bread, calcium, olive oil, tomato juice, and plenty of cold water intake allows to reduce sweating. In addition, people with excessive sweating will help them to take a shower with cold water. 

Natural Solutions for Excessive Sweating;

Sage:  Dried sage leaves in the water for 1 night, and the next morning, this water on your face.

Aloe Vera:  Cut the aloe vera leaf in half, remove the gel and apply it as a thin layer on your face, after a while. Aloe vera will help stop skin sweating.

With Hazel: The witch hazel extract, which you can order from abroad, can be overwhelmed. Apply witch hazel extract to cotton, apply on face, wash your skin after a while.

Cucumber juice: Grate a cucumber and remove the juice from the strainer. Then lift it to the refrigerator and let it cool down. Soak the cotton in this water and apply 2 times a day on your skin and let it dry and then rinse with normal water.

Mung beans: Crush the mung beans, add 1 tablespoon of raw milk powder. Apply the mask to your face and let it dry. Then wash the skin with cold water. Continue for 2 weeks every day, sweating on your face after a while will be cut.

Talcum powder: Talcum powder is also effective in combating excessive sweating on the face. Sprinkle talcum powder on your face 2-3 times a day, powder will absorb sweat and relax you. 

Ice cubes: Wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth. Wipe your face 2-3 times a day with this cloth. It will shrink the pores in the skin and fight the perspiration on the face.  

Suna Dumankaya described for facial sweating …

* half a lemon juice

* 2 tablespoons of peanut oil

* 1 teaspoon of salt

* 1 teaspoon of sugar

* 1 cucumber juice

* 1 teaspoon honey

Mix lemon juice, peanut oil, salt, sugar, cucumber and honey. Apply your face to the face with the help of compressing cotton. Repeat the process as your face absorbs water. Take care to apply the recipe as extreme.


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