How to Protect Children from Pool Infections?

To prevent children from getting infected by the pool, you should definitely choose a pool that you trust and whose maintenance and cleaning is constantly done. Although this is the best way to prevent children from getting infected from the pool, sometimes the pool can be infected and treated even if the maintenance and cleaning is done. Therefore, other methods are needed to protect the child from pool infections. Ways to protect the child from pool infections is stated below.


  • The pool your child will enter should be completely clear and the bottom of the water should be clearly visible.
  • Make sure that the pool is maintained and cleaned. The pH value of the water in the pool where the child will enter should be around 7.2-7.8, and the chlorine rate of the water should be at least 1 ppm.
  • After the child leaves the pool, his ears should be dried very well with the help of a towel. By tilting the child’s head to the right and left, all water should be cleaned.
  • The time that the child will spend in the pool at once should be maximum 1 hour. After 1 hour, the child should be taken out of the pool, rest, drink plenty of water.
  • Make sure that the child does not get the water in his mouth while swimming in the pool. It should definitely not do that.
  • If the child has a wound, it is forbidden to enter the pool.

How Long Should The Child Stay In The Pool?

Time that the child will stay in the pool should be a maximum of 1 hour. After 1 hour, the child should drink enough fluids. Otherwise, problems may arise.

Can the child enter the inflatable pool?

Inflatable pools are preferred in some educational institutions and more than one child enters this inflatable pool. This increases the chances of children getting infections. This is the same not only in educational institutions, but in every inflatable pool where more than one child enters. Children should be cleaned before entering the inflatable pool, and the cloth should be changed if any. If the child does it, the inflatable pool should be emptied, cleaned and left to dry for 4-5 hours with the help of the sun. Otherwise child inflatable pool infection can grab.

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