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How to remove the ink stain from the carpet

How to remove the ink stain from the carpet

Ink blot is one of the types of stains that are difficult to remove. But don’t worry, there are a variety of methods available for the ink stain to pass. Here are methods for removing ink stains on the fabric, on the carpet, on the skin, on the fabric;

  1. Vinegar, which is a very good cleanser, can be used to remove ink stains. You can use vinegar to remove ink stains on your skin, carpet, fabric, furniture. A clean cloth dipped in vinegar is kept on the stain and the stain is dissolved. After this process repeated several times, the vinegar weakened by the vine will be seen. The other method is to drop the vinegar, which is a very strong cleaner, into the spot where there is ink stain. After waiting for a while, mix vinegar and corn flour and rub on the stain again. Allow the mixture to dry on the fabric and drop into the washing machine. Vinegar is one of the most commonly used natural cleansers in stain cleaning.
  2. To remove ink from the fabric; If the fabric with the ink spot is a durable fabric, wipe it off with lemon juice and warm milk and then rinse. If your garments are stained with ink, suck the ink with paper towels or a clean cloth at the first touch. Using hot water will spread the spot more . Because when the ink is combined with hot water, it becomes more permanent. It also means that the ink gets wet with hot water. In short, if you try to wipe the stain with hot water; you can unintentionally remove the stain.
  3. For removing ink stains from gentle fabrics; Let the ink stain dry and pour talcum powder on it and brush it with a soft brush until the stain disappears.
  4. To remove ink stains from leather goods; You can remove ink stains with a little lemon juice and remove them from your skin.
  5. To remove ink stain on paper; Place the blotter paper underneath the sheet of paper with the ink stain, drop a few drops of oxygenated water onto the stain and dry it with a piece of cotton.
  6. To remove ink stain from furniture; Remove ink stains from your furniture with hot water from milk or lemon juice.
  7. To remove ink stain from finger, hand or skin; You can scrape the area with ink stain by rubbing it with tomato juice. In addition, agents such as acetone, shaving lotion and alcohol-based hair spray at home also have the ability to dissolve ink. Deleting the stained area with a cloth soaked in any of these materials will remove the ink stain from the skin.
  8. To remove ink from the bag; Dip the cotton into the vinegar and wipe the stain. You can also test the quality and originality of the bag with this method. There should be no paint in cotton.
  9. To remove ink stains on the carpet: After mixing some cornstarch with milk, rub over the stain on the carpet. Leave the mixture on the carpet until dry. After the stain has dried, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mixture over the stain. As the last step, prepare soapy warm water and wipe the stain.
  10. To remove ink stains on marbles; Rub a few drops of ammonia and a mixture of 20% oxygenated water. When dry, polish your marbles with a soft cloth.
  11. You should spread the stained mustard over the stain for half an hour to remove ink stains from the white laundry. Then you should wash only the stained area with sponge.
  12. To remove the ink stain from the leather seat, pour the isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy onto the stain for fifteen minutes, then wipe it with a clean cloth and the stain will disappear.
  13. To remove ink stains from the clothing; The ink that has been contaminated must not be placed in hot water. Hot water causes ink stains to be treated more in the fabric. Therefore, this error should not fall. The cleaning of the ink should only be carried out on the stain as much as possible. Since the ink is wet when it is wet, it should be prevented from getting into clean areas. In the dried ink, place a napkin, towel or a clean cloth under the stain. Tighten the hair spray from the reverse side of the stain. If you do not have hair spray, alcohol and acetone will also work. Cologne can also be applied. After squeezing, a large part of the stain will be put on the cloth, napkin or towel you put under. Then you can throw it into the machine. If the ink is still wet, pull the ink with a dry cloth without rubbing the stain. Mix a non-bleaching liquid detergent into the water and remove the stain by pressing the cloth again with a cloth. Then, if you want, you can wash with warm-cold water in your hand or on your machine.

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