How to strengthen the immune system of children? Immune-boosting foods

Keeping the immune system, which protects the body by fighting infections and diseases, strong is important for everyone from seven to seventy. People with low body resistance need a healthy diet to protect against the virus. We have compiled the mixes that you can consume to strengthen your child’s immune system. How to strengthen the immune system of children? Here are useful mixtures for children. . .

For the human health, it is very important that the immune system is strong in order for the body to cope with various germs and colds that cause disease. Especially in order to protect against epidemic viruses, it should be tried to strengthen the immune system in the nutrition program that needs more attention than ever before and with simple exercise movements. We should protect our children and pay attention to healthy eating styles in diseases where people with low body resistance are defeated faster and more widely than others. If you want to protect your child against diseases that stroll outside, you can include mixtures that will strengthen the immune system in the nutrition program. So how to strengthen the immune system in children? What are the recommendations that strengthen the immune system? Here are the immune-enhancing miracles that will help your child develop, as well as protect him from microbes:



It is also known to strengthen the immune system among the benefits of royal jelly, which acts as a shield against cancer disorders. It can be consumed up to 1 teaspoon daily by mixing with honey, which is healing in terms of antioxidants.


You can feed your child by mixing ginger with turmeric yogurt, which strengthens the immune system. Put 1 cup of turmeric and ginger in 1 cup of yogurt a day.


You can give your child by mixing the banana, one of the loved fruits, with yogurt. This mixture also has the ability to operate the intestines.



So what should be done to strengthen the immune system in children? Here’s what parents should pay attention to. . .

1- The first criterion that we can call for strengthening the immune system is through balanced and quality nutrition. Therefore, do not neglect to have a healthy breakfast for your child.

2- Feed the egg, which is very rich in vitamin A, to your child every day.

3- Eat nuts such as nuts, raisins and walnuts throughout the winter.

4- Pay particular attention to fish consumption, which is very important for eye health.

5- Make your child consume fruits with plenty of vitamins and minerals in the snacks.



It is very important to protect the body against microbes during the winter months when diseases are common. If the right vegetables are consumed in nutrition, which is directly related to the strengthening of the immune system, it can be protected against diseases. So which vegetables should be consumed in this period? Here is the effect of vegetables on diseases. . .

Brussels sprouts: It reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes by preventing the weakening of the immune system.

Cabbage: Cabbage rich in pulp protects the stomach and intestines.

Chard: It is effective against eye ailments and brain development.

Broccoli: Protects the intestines and reduces cholesterol.

Celery: It protects against Alzheimer’s ailments.

Pumpkin: It prevents the skin to look old.

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