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Are you ready to say goodbye to making your hair look dull, dull and bad? We introduce you to Liquid Keratin, the most successful keratin brand of recent times. You can take a look at the article we prepared to try Liquid Keratin, which acts from the hair roots to the tips.

Researches show that both of the dyed and treated hair have important problems such as wear, fracture, burning, rupture, stiffness, dryness, opacity, difficult combing, slow elongation and shedding. But unfortunately, everybody says that there is no solution other than cutting hair in such problems right now. Yes, this was true until yesterday. But for the first time, the Liquid Keratin brand is patented and natural with the biotechnological studies it developed. keratin managed to solve this problem from its root.



As you know, gloves and masks are used especially in hairdressers while keratin care. This is because; It contains a very dangerous and harmful chemical called formaldehyde. There is not even a trace of such harmful chemicals in Liquid Keratin products. Breastfeeding or pregnant women and children can also be used safely and comfortably with its formula without additives.



Liquid Keratin gives very effective results especially on worn, burnt, slow growing and shedding hair. In addition, there are serious problems such as broken hair, stiffness, dullness and difficult to comb. When you take the products as a set, you are solving such problems from the root. Your hair becomes healthier, smooth, shiny, soft and silky. It stretches faster and breaks, breaks and spills ends. Besides; the problem of blistering and difficult combing is eliminated.



The biggest feature that distinguishes Liquid Keratin from other brands is that it contains 100% additive-free keratin. Like other keratin care sets, it does not flow in 15 days, it can repair the hair permanently and definitely, its effect does not disappear for years. It never loses its effect in sea water, pool water or even with sulfate and salt shampoo. The most important reason for this is that it does not contain synthetic and silicone materials and contains completely pure keratin, such as Liquid Keratin, other known keratin care sets and hairdressing treatments.
The shampoo, cream, mask and serum contained in the Liquid Keratin sets give excellent results even when used alone. In other brands, while one product gives good results, other products have no effect and we have spent money in vain.

Liquid Keratin also provides 24/7 expert support. It sends the instructions for use and gives live support to your questions. It’s a very relevant firm. In other words, it does not say, “I sold the products, take care of you.” Whenever you call, he is interested, helps, shows solutions. It does not interrupt communication until it gets full results from your hair. This ensures that customer satisfaction is very high.



Liquid Keratin brand has two Turkish Patent certificates. Later, the company did not settle with this, but also received its International Patent to increase the quality of the product. So there are 3 patent documents.

It is also very important that it is a very rooted and reliable company, and there are happy customer reviews in many reliable platforms in the researches. Because the closed box, which we do not know and do not know, is selling many useless products on the Internet. However, with its rising star since 2014, Liquid Keratin draws a graph that constantly increases customer satisfaction.
But in the meantime, you have to pay attention to this. As in every sector, after this success of Liquid Keratin, imitation companies have increased considerably. With similar products, similar names and similar slogans; Misleading and deceptive products began to multiply in the market with expressions such as pure keratin, natural keratin, pure keratin, keratin milk. It is necessary to pay attention to these. Because you cannot find the quality of Liquid Keratin products in any product. Until this level, Liquid Keratin is produced by applying hairdressers at thousands of damaged, damaged hair, with positive results.


People who use it as a natural result of it buy again. This shows that Liquid Keratin really works. Because buying and using again shows that satisfaction is high. also “Can I get positive results?” wipes out hesitations such as mind. Already, the company promises definitive results and guarantees the products.



Now to you Keratin Botox

I will talk about some issues to be considered when applying to your hair. It is recommended that Liquid Keratin products should not be made especially after the treatments made in the style of permanent brazil blow dryer and hair care oil. Because in these kinds of treatments, the hair scales are put under pressure by putting a lot of synthetic and silicone on the hair, pressing and the gaps are clogged. Oils, on the other hand, prevent the keratin proteins from boiling into the hair because they leave plenty of moisture in the hair. However, after the Brazilian blow or permanent keratin care and the effect of the fats are reduced, the application of pure keratin proteins is more efficient. After these problems don’t happen, you may be ready to see the benefits of Liquid Keratin treatment on your hair.

of 1- First, the hair is washed twice with keratin shampoo without salt, sulfate and paraben. It is completely dried with a towel or dryer.
2- Liquid Keratin is put into a container that is sufficient from the serum to completely dry hair and it is applied to all parts except for the bottoms like paint. (If your hair is long and the product is not enough, it is reinforced from the other bottle. You can save the increased amount for other use.)
of 3- In case of very worn, mohair hair; In such hairs, it is useful to comb with the comb occasionally when wet so that the hair strands do not stick together during waiting. While the hair is wet, it is not necessary to lie on it and collect the hair. In this way, the hair is left to dry flat.
4- After the hair is completely dry on its own, it is rinsed once with plenty of water. Then excess water is removed.
of 5- This time, keratin mask is applied to the hair whose excess water is removed. Wait 10 minutes, rinse.
6- Too much water is taken again. This time it is applied all over the hair except Keratin Care Cream. But not rinsing. In this way, the process is completed.


For very damaged hair, it is recommended to continue application on average every 3 days. The user can apply more frequently or less frequently.

In this way, keratin loading continues until the hair is recovered. Keratin shampoo and conditioner can be applied daily, and keratin mask can be applied 1-2 times a week upon request.
Keratin care can be done both before and after painting. Doing it before dyeing is more beneficial in terms of protecting and strengthening your weak hair.



Depending on the cities, districts and quality of hairdressing salons, a session of keratin loading varies between 200-500 TL. With this money, 6 layers of keratin care can be done with Liquid Keratin and other products of the set are more than enough for months. For example; keratin mask 4-5 months, keratin shampoo and keratin cream is enough for 3 months and do not lose its effect.


Moreover, it is very easy to use. So you don’t need to go to the hairdresser and pay high fees. Everyone can apply it very easily at home. You don’t need to care and spend money for hours and times.

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