How to Treat Flu in Babies?

Care and cleaning of babies should not be neglected and should be done in a regular and sterile manner. If a cold or flu occurs in infants due to various reasons, a doctor’s examination is absolutely necessary. It is absolutely necessary to prevent or treat the risk of infection.

Flu in Babies

Acute breathing disorder

Influenza, known as , is a condition that occurs both in adults and infants, usually in spring and winter. Influenza is a disease caused by A, B and c viruses.

Babies’ immune system are sensitive to flu, as it has not yet developed and strengthened. The spread of influenza viruses is also related to the immune system. Influenza seen in infants is usually a type of B virus.


It affects both the airways and the gastrointestinal tract. It is usually transmitted by coughing, sneezing, talking or kissing babies. It is a type of virus that is easily transmitted by the smallest drops in the air.

Flu in infants and children takes an average of 1 week and 5 days for adults. Symptoms in infants; It is observed as cough, sneezing, hoarseness. In addition, flu and fatigue, headaches, neck and leg pains are seen in flu disease.

Flu Treatment in Infants

Especially in newborns and nursing babies, the best treatment is breast milk. Have antibodies breast milk is effective in strengthening the baby’s immune system and destroying viruses that cause disease. Herbal teas can be given to babies who receive additional food after 4 months.

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