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How to Use Cinnamon Water Weakening Cinnamon for Slimming

How to Use Cinnamon Water Weakening Cinnamon for Slimming

Slimming has become one of the most important subjects of today’s world since the 2000s. (The cinnamon attenuates?) Dietician Ezgi Topyıldız answers our question: ( Cinnamon is one of the most effective spices to lose weight. The most important two effects on cinnamon slimming is that cinnamon regulates the level of blood sugar, thus preventing you from getting hungry in the mid-afternoon meal, and also keeping the person in a long time. There is. Cinnamon another effect of weight loss, which makes thermal effect by raising the body temperature during kaynaklanır.y NEW digest the fact that the thermogenic food, so metabolism is accelerated and increases the amount of energy expended. Unfortunately there is no magic method or secret formula for losing weight, but certain foods to your weight loss Today, in our daily diet, we will look at how cinnamon is helping to weaken.

Cinnamon calorie ruler

  1. 1 teaspoon powder cinnamon 6 calories
  2. 1 tablespoon powder cinnamon 18 calories
  3. 100 gr. powdered cinnamon 260 calories
  4. 1 piece of cinnamon stick 3 calories

Accelerates metabolism

Cinnamon is not only effective in sugar metabolism but also in carbohydrate metabolism. Your body uses carbohydrate storage better and does not turn into fat. When you consume cinnamon as in the same hot pepper, your metabolism is accelerated. This acceleration allows you to burn more calories and get weaker.

Lowers blood sugar

As mentioned above, regulating blood sugar is important in weakening. Cinnamon treats blood sugar by acting as insulin directly in the blood. Research has shown that adding cinnamon to a meal will lower the glycemic index by 18-29%. Feeding with low glycemic foods is very effective in preventing sudden waves of blood sugar.

Suppresses hunger

Cinnamon can slow down the process of transporting food to the stomach. This will help you to lose weight because it keeps you satiated longer. It is also effective in suppressing the sweet crisis due to its sweetness. In general, the lack of sweet diet can cause sweet crises in the person, but you can remove this deficit by sprinkling powdered cinnamon.

Helps burn abdominal fat

Experts say that cinnamon consumption is effective in the fat around the abdomen rather than in other parts of the body. The waist circumference and the belly are often good news for those who are in this situation, because many people are troubled areas. Cinnamon, not only in terms of weight loss, but also vital to prevent the vital organs in the abdominal region is a very useful spice.

Controls insulin level

Cinnamon has a unique feature to mimic insulin activity in the body. Insulin is a chemical that helps regulate blood sugar in the body. People with diabetes know the importance of balancing insulin levels. Because being low or high damages the body. Even if you don’t have diabetes, high blood sugar can lead to fat storage in the body, or it can cause weight loss. Cinnamon regulates the level of insulin and prevents you from getting fat.

How to use cinnamon to weaken?

  1. Sprinkled on oatmeal or cereals
  2. It can be consumed as tea.
  3. It can be added to your normal tea or coffee.
  4. Can be used to add yogurt or cheese flavor.
  5. Can be added to fruit juice

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