How to Use Concealer, Where to Apply, What Does It Do?

Concealers are among the essential makeup ingredients. The function of concealers is to help hide skin imperfections such as acne, blackheads, skin spots, bruises on the face. Concealers are more effective than foundation in hiding skin problems. Concealer is a very intense product, so it should not be applied to the whole face. If it is applied to the whole face, it causes a bad appearance like a mask and may dry the skin over time. Concealers are usually make-up materials produced to cover dark circles under the eyes, pimples and small defects on the skin. Concealers are available in both liquid and solid form on the market.

What is a concealer, what does it do?

Concealers are essential makeup products for most people. The task of the concealer is to prevent the appearance of skin imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes, rashes, spots, pimples, black spots.

How to apply concealer?

Before applying the concealer, the first thing you should do is apply moisturizer to your face. When concealer is applied to a moist skin, the concealer is applied more easily to the skin and penetrates better. You can use a brush, sponge or your fingertips to apply the concealer. While the concealer is applied, a small amount should be taken and applied to the face with a sponge, brush or forefinger. When you apply the concealer to the area around the eyes and other parts of the face, the area should be applied with a tampon from the inside out with fingers.

What are the types of concealer?

Cream Concealers

As can be understood from its name, cream concealer is a type of concealer in cream form. Cream concealers can be used to cover darker and more prominent stains. It is easy to use and provides a natural look.

Pot Concealers

It is similar to a stick concealer. It has a high moisturizing effect and is easy to disperse. With its intense form, it effectively hides all kinds of skin imperfections.

Pencil concealers

It is the ideal product to cover smaller areas such as acne, minor redness, under-eye area, etc.

Tube closers

Tube closers are the type of concealer preferred by those with dry skin and people with advanced age. It is easy to use. If desired, it can be mixed with moisturizer or foundation.

Nand concealers

It is preferred by people with intense skin imperfections. It is a light product.

Tips for applying concealer

  1. To determine the suitable concealer for your skin color, you can apply the concealer to the inside of your wrist and determine the concealer that is close to your skin color.
  2. Stick form concealers are suitable for those who have dry skin, while concealers in liquid and solid form are suitable for those with oily skin.
  3. Concealer should always be applied from the inside out.
  4. If we are going to use the concealer for our under eye, we should be careful to apply it with tampon movements, since the under eye is sensitive and is susceptible to wrinkles, we can prevent damage to the under eye by applying it in this way.
  5. If we process the concealer using a sponge, you should wet and wring the sponge a little and make it moist. The fact that the sponge is moist and its application to the skin with tampon movements allows the concealer to be applied to the skin more easily and the make-up looks more natural.
  6. For the concealer to be more permanent and fixed to the skin, make-up base can be applied to the face before using concealer. In addition, finishing the make-up with fixing spray will make the concealer more permanent.

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