How to use depilatory cream? Are depilatory creams harmful? The best depilatory cream

One of the methods used to remove unwanted hair today is depilatory creams. It is not so much preferred because the depilatory creams used in the first time intensify the hair. What should be considered when using depilatory creams? Are depilatory creams harmful? How to use depilatory cream? What is the best depilatory cream? You can get answers to questions from this news.

It contains many chemicals in depilatory creams, which is one of the most practical and painless ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Thanks to the chemicals it contains, it causes the hairs and hairs to break off and fall off. This application, which is a kind of depilation method, provides a kind of hair to be shed by disrupting the protein structure. You can get rid of the hairs by removing them with a piece of cloth after applying them to your skin for 4-10 minutes. Depilatory creams, which are not an affordable method, are generally used in smaller areas such as over the lip, bikini area and armpits. When you want to get rid of your hair easily in a short time, you can choose depilatory creams.


Depilatory creams have no known harm. Although it is not very common, it may cause some reactions in allergic people. Depilatory creams used in the genital area may cause burning after the procedure.

– If the area where the depilatory creams will be applied has a dense hair structure, redness may occur after the procedure.

– Before using depilatory cream, first test the cream on a small part of your body to prevent any allergic reaction. If there is no such thing as rash or itching, you can easily use the depilatory cream.

– If you think it hasn’t been cleaned enough after using the depilatory creams, postpone the process for a day or two. Since it is short, your hairs that are not removed will also grow during this time and you will not irritate your skin.

– After using the depilatory cream, cream applied areas should be washed well with cold water and moistened with a good moisturizer.




1- Veet Depilatory 2 x 90 ml Naturals Shea Butter 90ml / 39.90 TL


Thanks to its new formulation, Veet Naturals Depilatory Cream not only helps you to moisturize your skin but also smoothens it, not only helps you to remove hair, but also brings your skin to eye-catching shine and smoothness in just 5 minutes with its refreshing scent inspired by nature.

2- Veet Depilatory Cream Spray Leg & Body Area 150ml – Normal Skin / 43.90 TL


While this hair removal cream with Smooth & Fresh technology removes your unwanted hair effectively; it moisturizes your skin for up to 24 hours and it does not leave any bad odor on your skin thanks to its new fragrance technology.

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