How to use Garnier BB cream? Garnier BB cream reviews 2019

BB creams are for you if you are looking for a product that you can use as a moisturizer to equalize the color tone of your skin. Garnier BB cream in the world of cosmetics is among the most ideal creams you can use in daily life. If you are curious about the B cream of the Garnier brand, you should definitely check out the article we prepared.

Garnier BB cream is a cream that closes imperfections, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, regulates the color tone of the skin, and gained the appreciation of women in a short time with its effect. This cream, which is sold in 2 different shades, is preferred by women in two tones, but it is useful to choose it according to your skin condition. It is sold in 40 ml and 50 ml tubes. Thin mouth structure prevents excess flow. Thanks to its fluid structure, when it is applied to a small amount of skin, it disperses in a short time and absorbs the skin. BB cream, which shows as if there is no foundation on your skin, should be among the first choices of those who favor simplicity and naturalness in makeup. Those who use Garnier BB cream mostly prefer to use it because of its equalizing skin tone and sun protection effects. When you buy Gariner bb cream, you just need to choose and try the one that suits your skin tone.



Before applying Garnier BB cream, which must be found in every make-up bag, clean your skin beautifully. It will be better to apply Garnier BB cream with your hands due to its fluid structure, not with a brush or sponge. Take a small amount and apply a thin layer will be absorbed by the skin in a short time. If your skin is very oily and shines in the sun, you can apply a small amount of powder.

If you have dry skin type, applying a large amount of moisturizing cream before applying Garnier BB cream will fix your BB cream.



Garnier BB cream nourishes the skin and makes it look more lively.

acts 24 hours and keeps the skin moist.

Garnier BB cream compensates the skin color, brightens it and makes it look brighter.

Garnier BB cream tracks skin problems, acne scars, roughness and appearance of the lines.

It protects from the harmful effects of the sun with its high protection factor.



Garnier bb cream price varies a lot. Although garnier bb cream bim is sold at a101 and big markets at some discounts, the price of garnier bb cream generally varies between 15 and 30 TL.

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