How to use New Well herbal mascara? Those who use New Well Bio-Herbal Herbal Mascara

New Well herbal mascara, which adds volume to your lashes and helps to look smoothly without flowing all day long, has almost become one of the most sold mascara in recent days. So how to use New Well herbal mascara? Are those who use New Well Bio-Herbal Herbal Mascara satisfied? You can find the answer to all these questions in the details of our news.

New Well Bio-Herbal Herbal Mascara is a beautifying cosmetic product containing seven important oils. We often see in mascara television commercials, where the successful actress of the series is Ebru Şahin’s advertising face. This mascara, which the New Well brand is on sale, has announced the name Bio Herbal 7in 1 Mascara. Bio-Herbal Herbal Mascara, which is very satisfied from famous names to social media phenomena, may be a product that you are looking for. Thanks to its content, the mascara that gives volume to the lashes allows you to have full lashes. Regular make-up brings along regular skin care. Practical products for make-up and skin care are generally preferred in daily life. Products that perform multiple functions at the same time are more popular because they save time. So what oils are in it?


1- Avocado oil, has a nourishing and strengthening effect for eyelash hair. It moisturizes the bristle bottoms and also repairs the worn lashes thanks to the beneficial vitamins it contains. The moisturizing feature of the avocado cares for the dry eyelash bottoms and thus prevents eyelash spills.

2- Sweet almond oil, makes the daily care of your eyelashes with vitamin E content. It restores the moisture that your lashes lost during the day. If you have sensitive eye structure, it prevents symptoms such as itching, redness and relieves eye sensitivity.

3- Macadamia oil, This valuable oil, which has antioxidant properties, protects and nourishes your eyelashes against external factors such as air pollution and sun rays you are exposed to during the day.

4- Argan oil, thanks to its moisturizing feature, the eyelash bottoms are fed and look well maintained.

5- Red clover extract, provides intensive care to hair roots thanks to its antioxidant feature.

6- Vitamin E, is a very valuable vitamin that is known to prevent hair loss. Prevents eyelash spills and makes eyelashes appear voluminous and lush. As it increases blood circulation, it acts actively on eyelash bottoms. As it contributes to the formation of new hair, it prevents the appearance of sparse eyelashes.


7- Keratin is very important for the health of hair, nails, teeth, eyebrows and eyelashes. Prevents lashes from looking dull and dry.


New Well Bio-Herbal Herbal Mascara, “https: // www. newwell. com. en / bio-herbal-nourishing-mascara” is sold on the site for 99.90 TL. However, you can buy it at a more affordable price on discount websites or online cosmetics stores.





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