How to wax the genital area? Learn the tricks!

One of the traditional ways to get rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area is waxing. With regular application, it weakens the hair follicles and allows them to grow thinner.

However, attention should be paid to the tricks since it is a laborious method. As “High Heels”, we explain the tricks of waxing on the genital area.

Prepare for painless waxing


Before waxing, make sure that the bikini area is clean. Then apply the powder to the area so that the hair becomes soft and waxes more quickly. At the same time, the powder will separate the hair from each other and make it easier to pull off by ensuring that it does not gather in wax.

Take care of its temperature for your skin


After warming the wax, let it warm. This is an important trick, the waxing should be warm. Because applying the hot wax to the bikini area can cause redness and irritation.

Be sure to use wax cloth


Make sure that the cloth you will use for waxing is “wax paper”. Since wax papers are specially produced, they will provide easier traction. Also, cut the wax paper into small pieces. This allows you to clean the area more comfortably.

Take it in small pieces


Genital waxing is a painful process for everyone. Waxing can be more painful, especially if you constantly remove your hair with a razor blade. But don’t worry, there is a way to reduce this: removing hairs in small chunks! Cut the wax cloth into small pieces, apply the wax in small pieces and quickly pull it off. Yes, it may take a while, but this way the pain is greatly reduced.

Use a spatula to rub into the area


When waxing the bikini area, you should use wooden spatulas that are absolutely hygienic. Metal ones make the wax feel warmer as it transmits heat. Spatulas make it easier to wax the bikini area.

Apply a thin coat of wax to the genital area


Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and apply as thin a layer as possible. Thick application of the wax makes it difficult to pull. Stretching the skin from the opposite direction while pulling the wax will reduce pain and provide an easier pull.

Be careful when pulling the wax cloth


You must pull the wax against the direction of hair growth. While doing this, take care to pull the wax in one go to avoid bruising and redness. If you haven’t gathered your courage at once and stopped the pull, don’t continue. Wash the area and wax again after waiting for a while. If you continue the traction in the unfinished area, you may make your skin more sensitive and cause bruises.

Remove hair with doctor glove


You can use doctor gloves to remove the long hairs from the lips of the vagina. It may hurt a little in the first round, but over time the area becomes numb, you can pull the hairs from the root. You can buy gloves at the pharmacy, it is one of the best remedies for long hair.

Clean the wax with baby oil


If you are using wax, clean the area with baby oil after the process is over. Do not touch your bikini area with water for 2 hours after waxing.

You can clean warm wax with water


If you are using normal wax, you can clean the area with warm soapy water as the process is finished. But avoid applying moisturizer afterwards. You can use baby oil to keep the area moist and soft.

Pay attention to the sun after waxing


After the waxing process is over, you should never use alcoholic products. You should avoid solarium and sun to avoid spotting on the same day you wax.

You have learned the tricks of waxing in the genital area, you can dare and do it at home, or you can leave this job to the specialist and go to the hairdresser.

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