If there are twins in the family, will the chances of twin pregnancy increase? Generation horses?

We investigated for you how effective the known genetic features are regarding the increased chance of twin pregnancy. Can a woman with twins give birth to twins? What does the chances of twin pregnancy increase? Do twin pregnancy generation horses? Here are the answers to all these questions about multiple pregnancy. . .

One of the widely known views about twin pregnancy among the community is that information about the fact that the person is twin or that twinning in one of the family members increases the chance of twin pregnancy. This view is partly right and partly wrong. In twin pregnancy, which results in a positive or negative result according to the type of the twin, if the mentioned twinness belongs to the identical twins, having a twin in the person or in the family has no effect.


The reason is that a single egg is divided into two during fertilization. Since this happens by chance, the chance of twin pregnancy does not increase. However, it is an exception in twin twins!

It can be genetically transferred to expel two eggs at a time and fertilize them separately.



It is not true that twin women will be more likely to have twin pregnancies in their grandchildren by skipping a generation rather than in their own pregnancy. In double twins, the male cannot transfer it because it cannot affect the number of ovulation of his wife. Therefore, twin women can also have twin children.

Age, weight and folic acid consumption are known to be effective in women who want to get pregnant with twins.



Twin children means an increasingly difficult path for parents. While supporting the care, psychology and development of a single child is important, caring for two young children at the same time will surely force parents. Caring for children comes first among these difficulties. But of course it is not an unsolvable situation. Turning into a child who cannot do without each other and feels safe when the twin is with him is one of the main problems of the twins.

However, the twins are not the same person, but they differ from each other with their characters, temperaments and fitra. The fact that one of the twins is dominant and the other is shy, can be understood even while in the womb. An example of this is when the mobile child tries to be born first. It continues in this way after birth. While one of the twins is very active and active, the other can be hesitant and shy. When the parents realized this situation, the dominant one was leadership; it encourages the shy to assertiveness.


But come and see, the leadership in the Quran shows that leadership is not always dominant: Hz. One of the twin sons of Isaac’s prophet is Ays, and the other is Yakup. While Ays has an active character, his brother Yakup has a soft character. The prophet Isaac made appropriate treatments to the character that both sons had.

Maybe that is why Allah (C. C) assigned the prophetic duty to Jacob, a mild-tempered one. When we look at these examples, the main message we need to extract is that parents do not try to get success from their children. Preparing the ground for the written story to be readable would be a correct method. (Compiled from the book of Child Education Methods of the Prophets.)

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