II. The story of a 75-year love that dates back to World War II

When I came across a very sweet love story, I wanted to write it over and share it with you. “Wow!” we have read and listened to many love stories. When it does not meet, there is love, so I love the stories where the lovers come together many years later. The more ridiculous it sounds to someone, the more sluggish watery eyes a romance flows from the story…

The beginning of this story, which I recently encountered and had the opportunity to write today, is II. It is based on World War II. Lovers come together 75 years later, I don’t know if the same feeling; but I felt as I read, looking at the photos, that both of their noses were whining. Come on now don’t believe in love!


When love begins

II. Robbins, an American young soldier in the years of World War II, is sent to Briey, a small town in the northeast of France. Robbins was back on his 24th. A love that lasts for years is sprouting between the 18-year-old French girl Jeannine Ganaye, whom she met here. Yes, the war can be a cold truth. It may be enough to cut all their bodies stiffly. Nevertheless, there is youth, the heart, something like love that will extend to eternity. When he writes like this, he thinks that man will always live and always find. What can I say? Let love be in the novels and movies that make me believe us so strongly…

Returning to our story, theirs is love at first sight… Even though they see it with their hearts and leave the war aside, the cold face of the war only allows them to see each other through the eyes of the world. One day when Robbins was told to leave the village immediately because he had to go to the Eastern Front to fight against the Axis Powers, they quickly fell into the tears of old times that the separation would leave on them.

Still, they were full of hope; Like every lover. Jeannine was so confident that Robbins would be back someday that she was already learning English to address the language dispute between them. The war ended in 1945; but not as Jeannine hoped. Instead of returning to Jeannine, Robbins returned to America with his duty on the oven battalion. He would continue to serve his country…


Other lives and miracles

Then they both lived other lives. Robbins met Lillian. Lillian signed a 70-year marriage in 2015, when he died at the age of 92. Jeannine fell in love again and married in 1949. He brought 5 children to the world…

Afterwards, we can say the miracle given by the memories that flash lightning in the eyes from the human past. Yes, they lived a lifetime other lives. However, at first sight, love was not forgotten. Robbins has always kept a black and white photograph that is his only memory with Jeannine. Then one day, II. He showed this photo to his French journalists, who came to speak to him for a documentary about World War Veterans. When he went to France to commemorate them for his 75th year, he said he wanted to go to the village and find Jeannine. While one side wanted to see him as crazy, one side was upset that he might have died. This was the gaze of a man who did not forget his love with the reality of invisible hanging between the years that had not happened, rather than a lover whose feet were not on the ground.

Of course, such a situation attracted the attention of journalists. They even found Jeannine’s footprint. Jeannine was only 27 miles away from where she met Robbins; he lived in a nursing home. Here they planned a meeting for them. This was really a miracle…


Endless meeting

The reunion of Jeannine and Robbins years after years was like the reflection of the moment they first saw each other in eternity. As soon as they saw, they hugged. How romantic are the photos, right? As Robbins had to attend the anniversary celebrations in Normandy, this meeting was a few hours for them. Nevertheless, they left, promising to meet again this time…


I don’t know, either I’m on a very romantic day today, or stories like that make me feel a lot in depth. I hope they have nice days to live together. I want this at least as heartily as they can.

So what do you think?

What do you think love means to me? Maybe an article will be written on it. . .

With Love

Damla Karakuş


Source: dailymail

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