Include different shades of blue in your wardrobe!


Blue, which is said to represent trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty, is one of the most preferred colors with different shades, from clothes to home decoration. Here are the different shades of blue for those who want to catch an eye-catching style.

Marie Antoinette Blue

This color, which is a very light gray-blue tone, takes its name from the eye color of the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. It is known that the queen’s room in the Versailles Palace was a blue in this tone, especially when she preferred to wear clothes the color of her eyes. Although it is a very light tone, the very eye-catching Marie Antoinette blue is one of the most preferred shades of outfit combinations. It is possible to combine this color with colors such as off-white, pale gray and magenta.

Pigeon Blue

Pigeon blue, which is not a very bright shade of blue, takes its color from the pigeons as it is named. Those who want to create a warmer look with this color, which is ideal for combining with neutral colors such as beige, paper bag or gray, may prefer purple, magenta, eggplant purple, brown, cinnamon, and brick red.


Space Blue

Space blue, the closest shade of blue to black, takes this name because it appears in the sky as the last light of the day. This very dark grayish blue stands out as a masculine, modern, bold, sexy shade. This tone, which is generally used as an alternative to black and anthracite gray, can be used with gray and beige tones, copper, brass and bronze, and vivid greens, especially red and white.

Denim Blue

One of the most common shades of blue this season, especially in dresses, is denim blue. It is possible to combine this shade of blue, which takes its color from jeans, especially with white and red tones.


Wind blue

This tone, also called Baroque blue, is known as the blue-facing tone of Nile green. Your first choice in combinations of this color, which left its mark on the Baroque period, may be golden yellow. You can also get a very romantic atmosphere with cream tones and pale pinks.

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