Interesting facts about pregnancy

More than 350,000 babies are born every day. It is thought that so many pregnant women know everything about pregnancy. But it is not so. A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, and some are truly amazing.


Amazing information about pregnancy period

– The longest known pregnancy period lasted 1 year 10 days.

– Pregnant and newly born mothers automatically cry when they hear that the baby is crying, even if they do not cry themselves.

Babies can cry in their mothers’ womb even before they are born.

– Giving birth to a baby can be very painful, so most women prefer cesarean birth to relieve pain. However, an Australian mother wanted to give birth to normal as much as possible and surprisingly gave birth to a 14-pound baby.

– During pregnancy, there is swelling of the hands, face, legs and especially the feet as there is 50% more water and blood in the body. This causes wearing large size 3 to 4 shoes as the body holds water.


– The uterus expands from apricot to watermelon size during pregnancy.

– The fingerprints of babies occur on average between the 10th and 19th weeks. When they are formed, they do not change until the end of their lives.

– During pregnancy, hair grows faster and shedding less due to hormonal changes. The hair that grows in this period is stronger than the hair you have.

– During pregnancy, blood becomes clot faster.

– An unborn child can feel, taste and smell the food consumed by his mother. The food that the mother eats is absorbed by the amniotic fluid and creates future food preferences. You and your baby love the same food.

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