İnternethaber Chairman of the Board Hadi Özışık’s father Tahir Özışık lost his life


Seyhaid Tahir Özışık, 87-year-old father of the Chairman of the Internet Newsgroup Hadi Hadi Özışık, died at Marmara University Hospital where he was treated.

The painful day of the Özışık family. Seyyid Tahir Özışık, retired imam, father of Hadi Özışık, the head of Internetaber Publishing Group, at the age of 87, did not lose his eyes and gained the mercy of the right.

Retired Imam Seyyid Tahir Özışık, who has been receiving prostate cancer treatment for a while, passed away this morning at Marmara University Hospital. Özışık, who has 7 children, 6 of whom are boys and one girl, was an advanced and highly regarded name in madrasah educated Islamic sciences.



The funeral of Seyyid Tahir Özışık will be buried tomorrow (Wednesday, January 23) at the Ümraniye Kocatepe Cemetery following the noon prayer to be performed at the Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque.


Elmaelma, which is a part of İnternethaber Publishing Group. As a com, we wish Tahir’s father endless mercy from Allah and patience for his family and lovers.

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