Is a religious wedding that is chopped secretly valid?

Faruk Beşer discussed his article in today’s column about the fact that our young girls should not accept those who want to marry him only with the official marriage.

New Dawn. Com’s columnist, Faruk Beşer, has conveyed to us an article addressing the end of marriages that have been officially married only with the marriage of imam today, with frustration:



First question: After finishing college, we got into a marriage with a gentleman. However, I had previously made an imam marriage with another friend, unaware of our family. Now this friend says that he could not divorce me, that I could not marry someone else, otherwise I would have forbidden, it prevents me from getting married. He doesn’t think of marrying me either. There were times when we were alone with him. Does the marriage we have done with him tie me now?

Second question: I am 33 years old, I left my husband, I have a child. Now I love a man, I want to marry him. He also left his wife. But she does not want to make a formal marriage with me, her family wants it, we will marry her imam marriage. Some of my relatives call me, don’t do this. What do you say?

Let me try to answer two questions by combining them:

Our test on the relationship between men and women is Hz. It is a test that begins with Adam and Eve and will never end. Hz. The fact that Adam and Eve lost this test at first shows that this is a difficult test. Let me repeat one more thing that I have always said: The most important test of Adam is sexuality and eating. The winners of these two do not have difficulty in other issues.

Now, with regard to the common aspects of these questions, we can say:


Marriage is a very strong treaty (misak-ı galiz) with the words of the Quran. The fact that a contract can be strong cannot be achieved by leaving only at the discretion of one of the parties. Both morality and law must have sanctions. We are not governed by sharia, so that we have its legal sanctions. Therefore, it is difficult for the party holding power to act justly with the motive of conscience and morality, no matter how religious. So there is an obligation to make an official marriage to at least protect some of their rights to the extent recognized by current law. We are not burying the injustices imposed by today’s marriage law, but at least with the current formality, some rights of the woman will be protected. We cannot approve of injustice to women because man is being injured today. If we gather our minds, we hope that one day, we will remove the injustice to both sides.

Let us be excused for a joke like this: Can the injustice done to men on marriage and divorce be seen as a divine punishment for the injustices of Muslim men against women?

In short, our girls who have momentary feelings and who accept secret marriage or just religious marriage should not be angry but they cannot act wisely. They should never do this. The situation in our regions where the law of this is respected can be discussed. Secret marriage is not a marriage anyway. It consists of fitting a cover in a non-permit flirtation.


A man who does not want to make a formal marriage with you without any obstacle can never be in good faith. How will you trust such men? You will probably live with you for a while, after a while you will find better and leave you, and you will be the side that is damaged.

Nevertheless, a woman who accepts such a wedding, secret or open, has made a contract with her own specific will. It is no longer possible to ignore his personality and decision and see this marriage completely meaningless. Everyone should bear the consequences of their choice. If the other party performs its duties as a spouse, it may be right to not be able to divorce any more. If not, he cannot use this power just to harm the other party. The victim woman then tells the matter to two referees who know the fiqh. If they also decide that the man is unfair, even if the man does not accept, they terminate this marriage, and from this decision, the woman can wait for his violence and marry someone else.

Let’s talk about another issue, seasonal marriages (marriages) on Sunday.

And an important book

Abdulkerim Zeydan, one of the greatest scholars of our century, is a scholar worth to be introduced and not a special article, but a book subject (May Allah be merciful). Let’s leave this for later. His masterpiece ‘el-Mufassal fî-akâmi’l-mer’ah, which he wrote at the end of his life, is the widest work on his subject. It cannot be excused for those who started to speak as women in Islam no longer see her. This work is very meticulously translated by Miraç publications. ‘Encyclopedia of Women and Family Fiqh in all aspects’

It was printed in fifteen volumes under the name . It is worth announcing. Congratulations.

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