Is Anise Tea Given To Babies For Gas Pain And Comfortable Sleep?

In babies who suffer from colic, gas pain, mothers are looking for a cure with uninterrupted crying crises. Some of the reasons for gas pains in babies may be that they cannot get enough milk from the mother and therefore, ready foods are given to the baby. Prepared foods can cause pain in babies because of their harder digestion. The easiest to digest and most comfortable drink is breast milk.

Aniseed plant can be a remedy for such situations. Anise is a seed plant. Aniseed seed from the parsley family is known to be good for digestion. In this respect, some doctors recommend anise tea to babies.


Because the digestive systems of newborn babies are not fully developed yet, the pain they experience is sometimes very severe. It is possible to alleviate the crying and pains that make the mother and baby very restless. Anise seed tea can be used in such cases because it is relaxing and beneficial for digestion. Anise tea will reduce babies’ pains and help them fall asleep comfortably. Anise, baby sleep can provide uninterrupted comfort.

How Should Anise Be Used In Babies?

Usually, it is not recommended for use by most doctors before 3 months. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations for the use of anise before 3 months in infants. Different remedies may be recommended instead of anise tea before 3 months in colic babies. Drops with different mixtures are given in colic babies from the younger months. There are also anise in these mixtures.

Anise seeds are generally recommended to be consumed as brewed tea. The use of anise for infants is a condition that needs attention. The size of the tea should be well known. Usually it will be enough to give the baby in a few drops with a teaspoon. Loss of anise usually occurs as a result of misuse. These are reasons such as excessive consumption and overdose.


Anise tea recipe for babies should be:

1 cup of boiling water should be infused with 8-10 anise seeds and when it becomes warm, it should be filtered and given to the baby with a few drops.

You should not use anise tea or other herbal teas without the advice of your pediatrician.

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