Is it normal for the child to eat paper, what is the reason?

It is not normal behavior for a child to eat paper. At the same time, this is not a situation arising from the child’s curiosity. Your child more than once while eating paper seen in the child Pika syndrome is a messenger. The pica syndrome, is a type of behavioral disorder and occurs in most Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

What is Pika Syndrome?

Pika syndrome in children and adults; It occurs as a result of the desire to eat substances such as clay, soil, cloth, paint, ash, paper, coffee, sand, lime and sponge. It is a syndrome at risk of recurrence. Constantly in the child the urge to eat foreign matter causes.


What are the Effects and Causes of Pika Syndrome?

Pika syndrome is most often iron; iron, zinc and copper deficiency. Lack of these substances causes developmental retardation and also a child with Pika syndrome has anemia. Nutritional disorders, especially in children who eat paint, lead accumulation and digestive system problems are among the problems that can happen to children who have Pika syndrome.

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