Is it really useful to keep a diary

However, it is very important to be aware of which food and how much you consume in order to eat healthy. So is it really useful to keep a food diary?

I’m sure you’re not alone if you forget what you ate yesterday in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Knowing what you eat regularly in order to eat healthy and lose weight as a result will help you both understand your eating habits and identify what you snack unwittingly. Research shows that people who want to lose weight can be an effective tool to change their eating habits. According to the results of the research, in which approximately 1,700 participants participated, people who kept the diary lost twice as much weight than those who did not.


Keeping a food diary

– You will determine what foods and beverages are consumed daily. Thus, you will also notice the extra calories you have taken during the day.

– You can measure the amount of food you eat (cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.) thanks to the food diary.

– It is very important to lose weight when you eat. If you are aware of the time you eat, you can help identify potentially problematic times, such as midnight snacks.


After each meal you eat in the food diary, note down what you eat and hours, and also indicate where you eat your meals in the diary. Do not wait for the end of the day to keep a diary, because it will be difficult to remember. It is very important to be honest with yourself at this point. It makes no sense to show your meals less than daily. Finally, check your retrospective diary to increase your motivation. The positive change in your nutrition program will increase your self-confidence.

In addition to keeping a diary, it is very important to control your vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. You probably know that you need a lot of different vitamins and minerals every day. But you may not know which ones you need and why.



Your body contains this mineral; Uses for maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, fixing heart rhythms, a healthy immune system, strengthening bones. The body also needs this mineral to help regulate blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure, and help reduce cramps, headaches and migraines.


Omega 3

Omega-3; reduces symptoms of depression, reduces the risk of heart disease. It is necessary for brain health and nervous system development. It helps to counteract negative changes due to aging, an increased risk of heart disease, and cognitive decline.


Vitamin C

A sufficient level of vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles, absorb harmful free radicals and produce neurotransmitters, wound healing, and metabolize protein.



Vitamin AB, sometimes vitamin H or vitamin B7; referred to as biotin. The most important benefit of biotin, known as beauty vitamin, is to contribute to cell development and keep blood sugar levels on average. Biotin is used in many cosmetic products today with its positive effect on hair and nail health that women especially care about.


Folic Acid

Folic acid that women know closely; It helps to produce and maintain new cells, including red blood cells. It maintains balance in the message bearing molecules of the nervous system, and is also very important for mental and emotional health.

Doc. Dr. Halit Yerebakan

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