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Is Sage And Black Tea Raising Blood Pressure?

Is Sage And Black Tea Raising Blood Pressure?

Black tea and sage is one of the most popular and frequently consumed herbal tea in our country. Does black tea and sage raise blood pressure? In our article, we have included doctoral opinions and scientific research on this subject.

According to the American Journal of Hypertension, your blood pressure may rise 40-90 minutes after drinking and digesting tea. But this situation is temporary. Do not drink tea, coffee or alcohol for at least 45 minutes before measuring your blood pressure.

Your blood pressure changes naturally throughout the day. If you measure your blood pressure during the day is generally high, you have high blood pressure. You may even have hypertension, but this may not give any symptoms.

The caffeine has a stimulant that can increase blood pressure. Experts, the effect of caffeine, hypertension patients and regular caffeine consumes more than those who report. But if you are healthy and do not consume much caffeine, the effect of caffeine is likely to be temporary. 1 cup brewed black tea contains 42-72 mg of caffeine content more than green tea and less caffeine than coffee. 95 mg of caffeine intake may increase blood pressure by 3 to 14 points. Based on this assessment, drinking 2-3 cups of black tea per day contains enough caffeine to increase your blood pressure, which can affect your blood pressure.

In 2005, “Hypertension Journal” published the findings of a study evaluating the effects of tea on blood pressure. In this study, when tea was consumed on an empty stomach, it was observed that tea caused a temporary increase in blood pressure. However, it was found that drinking tea with food prevented the increase in blood pressure.

You can also determine the effect of drinking tea on your blood pressure at home. Measure your blood pressure 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after taking tea, so you can see the effect of tea on blood pressure. The ideal blood pressure is 12 to 8. Values ​​between 14 and 9 are defined as high blood pressure.

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Professor Dr. Osman Muftuoglu’s answer: (Prohibition of tea and coffee to someone with a high blood pressure) We are not unfair, because the results of the research are also confirmed by us. For example, energy drinks, instant coffee and other caffeine-rich cold and hot beverages (including frappucino) should not be given.)

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Dr. Ömer Coşkun’s response: (Sage has been used extensively throughout the history as a means of treatment thanks to its health benefits, and today the popularity of sage is growing. should not be used during pregnancy as it stimulates the muscles.)

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