Is Vaseline Applied To The Face, What Are The Benefits Of Vaseline To The Face And Skin?

Vaseline is a type of colorless, dense mineral oil produced from crude oil. Today, the most common use of petroleum jelly is skin care products in the cosmetics industry. Vaseline is found in many lotions, creams and face care products. Vaseline removes dryness on the skin and softens the skin. It allows you to get rid of the flaky appearance on the skin. Here are some examples of Vaseline’s usage areas for the face:

Moisturizes the face

Vaseline is one of the most powerful moisturizers. Since Vaseline is a dense product, applying Vaseline directly to the face can clog the pores. To prevent this, Vaseline is applied to the skin after melting in a double boiler. So, 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly is put in a small glass bowl. Glass bowl is placed on boiling water or hot water from a teapot. Vaseline will melt after a while due to the heat. You can apply a thin layer of warm melted petroleum jelly to your skin. Continue with this moisturizer 1-2 times a week. If your face is very dry, you can apply it 3 times a week.

Does Vaseline make eyebrows grow, longer, thicker?

Vaseline contains a high amount of oil. Because of this feature, the use of petroleum jelly for people whose eyebrows are poured helps the eyebrows to grow again and shape the eyebrow shape. Melt Vaseline in a double boiler and apply it to your eyebrows every night before going to bed.

Moisten the lips

Especially in the winter months, frequent drying and cracking occur on the lips. Vaseline moisturizes, repairs and cares for dry and chapped lips, and helps you achieve smooth and soft lips.

One of the best makeup removers

Vaseline is an ideal product for removing makeup from your face. With Vaseline, you can easily clean your lipstick, eye pencil and even the dry mascara on your eyelashes. For this, take some Vaseline on your finger and rub it on your face. Then take a cotton ball and gently rub the make-up areas. Since Vaseline has an oily texture, make-up will come off easily.

Prevents hair dye from contaminating the face

One of the most troublesome issues for women who dye their hair at home is that hair dye can contaminate the face and leave a temporary stain on the skin. Fortunately, in this case, petroleum jelly comes to your rescue. Before dyeing the hair, applying vaseline to the finish lines of the face and areas close to the hair of the face creates a barrier on the face and prevents the hair dye from dyeing the face.

Can be used as a highlighter in face makeup.

Instead of purchasing expensive highlighter products, you can use Vaseline as a highlighter. For this, apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly on your cheekbones. It will give you a beautiful natural shine and glow. You can also apply Vaseline on your eyelids to create a wet look. Do not use too much petroleum jelly to avoid an exaggerated shine or even an oily appearance.

Fixes eyebrows

The messy eyebrows do not give a nice appearance. Thanks to its structure similar to eyebrow gel, Vaseline keeps your eyebrows stable and prevents them from being messy. Instead of purchasing expensive eyebrow gels, you can apply Vaseline to your eyebrows after completing your make-up.

You can make a blush from Vaseline

Vaseline, which has bright and moisturizing properties, is also a product that stays on the skin for a long time. To take advantage of these three features, you can use this mixture as a blush after mixing your powder blush with a little petroleum jelly. Thus, you can get both natural looking and remarkable cheekbones. Moreover, the blush you will make with Vaseline will stay on the skin longer than normal blushes.

It is a natural lip gloss

You can also use Vaseline as a lip gloss. You can even get a chocolate lip gloss if you mix a piece of chocolate with Vaseline and melt it in a microwave or bain-marie.

Vaseline is good for acne

There are various treatment methods for acne on the skin. One of them is Vaseline. Two teaspoons of juniper tar and 3 teaspoons of vaseline are mixed in a bowl with a wooden spoon. The mixture prepared in this way is massaged into the acne areas on the body every morning and evening. This application should be continued until the pimples in the problematic area completely disappear. After an average of 1 week, the reduction in acne areas will become noticeable.

Vaseline is good for stretch marks

Vaseline is also one of the most effective ingredients to get rid of stretch marks. Continue to apply petroleum jelly to the cracked area every morning and evening. After a while, there will be no trace of the cracks.

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