It is in the hands of parents to save children from phone addiction during the summer holidays!


With the children going on summer vacation, it brings the internet addiction of the children with the technology developed during this period. Psychologist S. Banu Barutçu Uluçay, one of the specialists of Doktortakimimi, to cope with the phone addiction of the children during the summer holidays and enable the children to spend their summer holidays in a high quality. Take care to spend more time face to face with your child in line with the possibilities. He offers important information to parents by saying ”.

It is also important for children to spend time outside. . . Especially if they can do this with their peers or loved ones, spending time on the internet will not come to their minds.


Spending a lot of time on the Internet during the summer holidays brings with it the threat of addiction. Saying that parents can limit their children’s relationship to the internet with simple referrals

It is very important to rest the bodies and brains for their health and, of course, the new school period, as well as important rest, fun, which the children look forward to during the summer holidays. At this point, parents have very important duties. As a matter of fact, not being able to evaluate a serious length of time such as 3 months efficiently in every sense can cause annoying situations for children and surely parents. Uluçay says that spending this period efficiently is primarily about preventing children from spending more or even excessive time on the Internet. Uluçay, who says that it is possible to limit the relationship of children with the Internet a little more with simple guidance, gives important clues in this regard.


First of all, Uluçay stated that parents should definitely take care of spending more time face-to-face with their children in line with the opportunities. . Moreover, in doing so, children can further strengthen their ties with their parents. It is also important for children to spend time outside as much as possible. . .

Especially if they can do this with their peers or loved ones, spending time on the internet will not come to their minds. However, this does not mean that children should not spend time on the internet in any way during the holiday and play their favorite games. In a daily schedule, a time frame that is decided together and suitable for the age of the child can be determined and a summer order can be established by allowing them to access the internet at the same hours as possible every day. ”


Psychologist S. Banu Barutçu Uluçay reminded that it is possible for parents to check if they have any doubts about the sites or games they play. states that this control can be easily achieved from the parental controls section of the settings section of the computer, tablet or phones. It is also possible to take this adjustment to a small amount or even free of charge by taking the device used by the child to any computer or phone service.

If such an adjustment is made, both the parents are comfortable and the children can access the internet in a safer environment and be better protected from possible dangers or damages. As long as the parents are determined in this process, they can apply their determination to the fullest! Then letting the summer holiday pose a threat to internet addiction in children, even for the school period, it can enable parents to become less anxious, and perhaps even make the internet a tool that will provide more useful uses for children.

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