IVF diet

Must not be eaten in the treatment of IVF diet and proper nutritional conditions. In any case, eating healthy is an important benefit, as well as the effect of nutrition on the treatment of IVF diet. A diet plan under the supervision of a doctor is recommended for those who are overweight in the treatment of IVF.

IVF diet

Overweight is one of the factors that can prevent the positive development of treatment. A treatment plan should be created by absolutely losing weight. It is also a fact that weight affects the quality of sperm. It will be a positive option to get rid of excess weight at this stage not only for women but also for men.

In the clinics, special plans are prepared by the clinic doctors for healthy nutrition and weight loss methods. And this nutrition plan is just IVF continues until the time when couples will embrace their babies. Proper and healthy eating is important to prevent problems that may occur during pregnancy.

Foods useful in IVF treatment are actually foods that are also useful under normal conditions. Observing the general nutritional recommendations of doctors is one of the issues to be considered for those in IVF treatment.

blank IVF diet

What to Consider in Nutrition in IVF Treatment?

Smoking is the leading damage in all conditions. Smoking should also be avoided in IVF treatment. Not only overweight, but also excessive weakness can be a negative condition for treatment.

It is important to take balanced protein, mineral and omega fats during fish consumption. Fish should be consumed at least 3 times a week. Similarly, dried legumes, vegetables and balanced fruit consumption are among the nutritional needs that have positive effects during treatment.

blank IVF diet

Acid drinks should be avoided. Instead of acidic beverages, herbal teas recommended by the doctor can be consumed. And water should be consumed as much as possible during this period.

It should be known that the consumption of fries and pastries and taking sugar and excess fat can be dangerous. Foods cooked in the oven or grill should be preferred.

Feeding in IVF after transfer

Carbohydrate intake will positively affect the treatment. And vitamins are recommended to be taken from fruits and vegetables, not supplements.

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