Justin Sun Receives 150 Million Dollars Worth Bitcoin (BTC)! “I Saved Crypto Coins”

As fear is at its peak after the decline in Bitcoin, investors alternate between buying and not.

After MicroStrategy and Tesla stated that they did not sell Bitcoin in this fall, another news came from Justin Sun.

Sun, the founder of Tron, announced on Twitter that it bought 4145 Bitcoins at an average cost of $ 36,868.

It was also stated that Justin Sun said “I saved the crypto currency like a bullet through the scalp…” on a platform used by the Chinese.

Experts state that investors should not be caught up in Fomo in the face of such buying news. Technically, it’s too early to say Bitcoin is back.

Remember, the opportunity is never missed in the crypto money markets. Announcing its purchase today, Sun will not reveal it when it sells. Therefore, it will be healthier to buy from the right point as a result of your own analysis without being under the influence of such movements.

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