Laser Genital Whitening

The laser genital area whitening procedure is painless, painless and its effects are seen very quickly. During the procedure, laser beams destroy the melanin pigment cells that cause discoloration and darkening in the genital area, thus lightening the color of the genital area and turning it white. Laser applications, which are one of the most preferred methods in non-surgical genital area plastic surgery, take an average of 20 minutes. Pain and pain sensation is eliminated with local anesthetic creams used during the procedure. With the peeling given under the skin, it destroys the melanin acid cells that produce melinig pigment. Thus, the skin color will lighten and have a much more vivid appearance than before. Related Link: Wondering About Genital Aesthetics


The Most Preferred Genital Bleaching Methods

Photothermal Method: It is the process of peeling the upper layer, which is dark in color, with the photothermal effect, with shots thrown into the genital area at a certain wavelength. During the procedure, the upper ‘epidermis’ of the skin is peeled off with laser light and a more pinkish and bright layer is removed from the bottom. Thus, bleaching can be provided in the genital area.

Er: YAG Method: Fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional erbium oil (Er: YAG) lasers are most frequently used to solve the problems of darkening of the genital area with laser. With the erbium yag laser device, which has been in great demand recently, the color of the genital area is lightened.

Carbon dioxide laser: It is a process that takes an average of 20-25 minutes. The bleaching procedure in the genital area performed with carbon dioxide lasers. Local anesthetic cream is used before the procedure. One session is enough.

Genital Whitening With Natural Methods

The genital area can be bleached with surgical methods or natural methods. In this process, using cotton underwear and making changes in hair removal and epilation methods are among the natural genital area whitening methods. Appearance disorders in the genital area negatively affect sexual life. The woman’s self-confidence decreases and she avoids intercourse. Generally, a single session is sufficient. Patients can return to their normal activities after the application. With the advancing age, the genital area called the vulva turns into a dark color. The color change and darkening that occurs in this region, which causes negative effects on women psychologically, with age, and the complaints of discoloration and darkening in that area, it can be used to eliminate genital aesthetic problems. Genital whitening called. Darkening of the genital area, which is an increasingly inconvenient situation for women, is no longer a nightmare.

The laser genital area whitening procedure is painless, painless and its effects are seen very quickly.

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