Lassa fever after coronavirus! What is Lassa fever? What are the symptoms of Lassa fever?

It has been on thorns for about a month because of all the world coronaviruses. However, experts still have not found a definitive solution to these viruses. Lassa fever occurred after coronavirus, Sars and Mers viruses. Lassa fever is a West African virus. It causes acute viral disease. It got its name from the region it originated from. So what is Lassa fever? What are the symptoms of Lassa fever? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news. . .

It was named after this deadly virus, which originated in the Lissa region of Nigeria. The Lassa virus, which passes from animals to humans to humans, is the RNA virus from the Arenaviridae family. Especially in rats, the virus comes out of their urine. These rats are abundant in West and East Africa. Rats that easily enter and settle in homes mix their viruses into food, especially water. It passes to people in this way. But it can spread from person to person through breathing. It is transmitted to people who touch the places where the feces and urine of Mastomys rats are infected. Viruses get mixed up in the areas where these rodents live by rain or wind. Since Africa is a hygienic continent, the virus spread rapidly. It killed many people. Since there was not enough cleaning, it was the most spread in hospitals. The virus gradually captures immunity and respiratory tract. However, the person thinks they have a cold or flu in this process. The virus, which settles in the inhalation with severe tremors and fever after a week, causes serious symptoms. The most common symptom in Lassa fever is deafness. Hearing in the ears is damaged because body pressure cannot support the outside pressure.



It is manifested by the first mild symptoms. Therefore, the diagnosis is not made immediately. It starts with headaches, body fatigue and mild fever. However, as the virus progresses, symptoms both change shape and increase in severity. It is manifested by severe symptoms such as bleeding gums, eyes and nose, frequent increased vomiting and increased edema in the face area, shock. As these symptoms progress, they lead to organ failure. B also results in death. However, lassa fever shows the same symptoms as other viruses. The only point that distinguishes it from others is the sign of deaf. Body pressure causes deafness.



Mastomys rats are common in all continents. That is why the virus spreads at all speed. The first symptom was seen in West Africa. Many people died. Although there have been several researches since the virus first appeared, there was no definitive treatment. The World Health Organization, which came into play for this, could not reach a definitive conclusion about the viral disease that is common. So there is no cure for the disease. However, some studies have shown that it is better to fight the virus in people with strong immune systems. Experts emphasize that the healthiest ways to treat these viruses are natural foods, especially strong antibiotics such as onions and garlic.

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