Latest aesthetic trend: Venus dimple

Inspired by models and celebrities, women undergo plastic surgery to create small dimples on their backs. This is thought to be a sign of surprising sex life.


Dr. is a London-based surgeon. Amanda Wong-Powell, women “V-spot” created an expensive operation to help them get their dimples. Dr. Amanda, “V-spot is a curved dimple in the back region and is usually found naturally in the body of very sporty and athletic women. The lower backs always stand out as a beautiful area of ​​the female body.” says.

“With the increase of hip aesthetics, many people will notice that raised hips look good only when paired with a sexy thin waist, one cannot look good without the other.” he adds.


37 thousand TL

The transaction cost is $ 6.100 (about $ 37,000) and VASER uses sound energy to create two pits and dimple shapes using liposuction therapy. Dr. Amanda states that the process is not painful and says that many celebrities and high-end models have it done.


Is this another harmless beauty trend or are these aesthetic surgeries going too far? The comment is yours. . .

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