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Left Or Right Underarm Pain, Underarm Pain Is What Should I Do?

Left Or Right Underarm Pain, Underarm Pain Is What Should I Do?

Underarm pain is a health problem that can occur for various reasons, from muscle injury to breast cancer. The pain may appear under the shoulder or under your left armpit. Even painful swelling under the seat can also be seen. The pain can also hit the chest, with back, rib pain, and arm numbness. Here are the reasons and treatment methods of the armpit pain reported by doctors;

Reasons for Right or Left Seat Pain

Lymph gland swelling

The most common cause of underarm pain is swelling of the lymph nodes under the seat. The lymph glands cover the area under the arm and the chest circumference in women; The lymph glands are highly sensitive and swollen easily, but fortunately the swelling of the lymph nodes is usually not a serious health problem . The infection can cause the body to fight diseases and cause cancer to swell in the lymph nodes.

Breast cancer

One of the most frightening and alarming causes of pain in the arm under the arm in women and men is the possibility that you will have breast cancer and that the armpit pain is caused by this. With the underarm examination, it can be determined whether the cause of the condition is breast cancer.


Products such as deodorants, roll soap, or antiperspirant that they are used to underarm, can trigger an allergic reaction under the seat. And under the armpit can cause symptoms such as pain, swelling and redness.

Muscle Injury

Pectoral muscle is an important muscle in our chest. When we do sports without warming, or when we carry weight, our muscles may be damaged. Usually, the arm will rest in a few days.


Lymphomas are the components of the immune system, the type of cancer seen in white cancer cells. All of the lymph nodes in the lymph nodes are called lymphomas. If the lymphoma occurs under the seat, it can cause severe pain in various parts of the arm, from the armpits to the fingers, as all the hand and arm nerves pass under the armpits. This may be a sign of Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma if the pain in the right or left arm is accompanied by mild swelling and pain without any signs of infection.

Viral Infections

Allergic infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, AIDS, typhoid fever, fever, sore throat and body pain may also be associated with pain under the armpit.


The diapers under the seat are sensitive to bacteria and fungal infection. Excessive perspiration, skin irritation while underarming, not observing cleanliness, exposure to high temperatures may cause an infection under the seat. Armpit pain is caused by infection and under the armpit may be accompanied by pain and underarms and cysts.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes neuropathy is also called the destruction of diabetes at the nerve endings. High blood sugar levels damage the body’s nerves. Underarms can also be affected and cause pain.

Other causes of underarm pain

  1. Swiveling under armpit
  2. Breast sensitivity
  3. Damage to the arm nerves
  4. Peripheral artery diseases
  5. Inflammation of hair follicles under the armpit
  6. Cysts under the seat
  7. Shoulder out
  8. Angina (temporary chest pain as a result of insufficient blood supply to the heart)
  9. Deep vein thrombosis (blood clot formation in deep vein)
  10. Sporotrikum Infection (Fungal Disease)
  11. hyperthyroidism
  12. Shingles Disease
  13. Zona or Herpes Zoster virus
  14. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  15. Intercostobracial Neuralgia
  16. Having a cold

How does right or left armpit pain go?

If you suffer from armpit pain, you should contact your general surgery physician. Your doctor will examine your armpit, ask you for a variety of tests, and determine the cause of the condition and apply the necessary treatment.

Use of antibiotics

If your armpit pain is caused by infection, you can find cure with the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor in a short time.

Cold compresses

Cover the ice cube from the freezer and keep the ice wrapped around the athlete. It will relieve the pain in a short time.

Hot bath

A hot bath can also help relieve armpit pain. Fill the tub with water and drop it into the Epsom salt, which is half a glass of carbonate or a pharmacy. Especially epsom salt will play an important role in the relief of pain.


It may be good for you to massage your armpits under the armpit to relieve your underarm pain. 1 tablespoon olive oil into the drop of 2-3 drops of lavender oil available from the transfer, this mixture with a gentle massage to the area under the armpit massage. This app will relieve you by improving blood circulation under your seat.


Rest is necessary to treat seat pain caused by muscle and nerve damage. Try to move the painful arm as little as possible for the first few days.

Use of muscle relaxants

The muscle relaxants you can obtain from the pharmacy will also help to relieve the pain.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

If the causes of underarm pain are non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, breast cancer and leukemia diseases, your doctor may apply radiation and chemotherapy treatment to you.

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