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Lemon Cinnamon Water And Cinnamon Tea How To Do What Are The Benefits?

Lemon Cinnamon Water And Cinnamon Tea How To Do What Are The Benefits?

Cinnamon is obtained from the inner shell of trees called “Cinnamom tree”. The bark of the cinnamon tree is dried and used. The use of cinnamon dates back to Ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago. Cinnamon juice (cinnamon tea) made with the addition of barley or cinnamon powder is a wonderful drink that does not end up counting the health benefits. Here are the benefits of this drink;

Benefits of Cinnamon (Cinnamon) Tea

  1. Cinnamon water prevents diabetes, ie diabetes. Cinnamon is known to have anti-diabetic effect. It helps lower blood sugar levels, and can also increase insulin sensitivity, which is the vital hormone to keep your blood sugar levels in balance.
  2. Cinnamon protects cognitive functions and brain health, prevents neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  3. Cinnamon water can protect against DNA damage, cell mutation and cancerous tumor growth due to its antioxidant properties. Research shows that cinnamon’s health benefits come from a compound called cinnamaldehyde; this substance has the ability to prevent cancer tumor growth and protect DNA from damage while encouraging all cells with cancer to self-destruct.
  4. There are many useful substances to help combat harmful infections and viruses in cinnamon water. Cinnamon is a natural anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. Strengthens the body’s defense mechanism against diseases.
  5. Cinnamon has anti-biotic and anti-microbial effects that protect the skin from irritation, redness, allergic reactions and infections. Cinnamon essential oil can be used to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and redness if applied directly to the skin.
  6. In scientific studies, it was found that cinnamon water was protective against bacteria that could be caused by bad breath, tooth decay, or oral infections in the mouth microflora.
  7. Candida is a type of fungus that can cause fungal disease in the body. In some scientific studies, it is concluded that cinnamon prevents the growth of Candida fungus due to its strong anti-fungal properties and may be effective in improving this fungus.
  8. Research has concluded that people with allergies can find relief through the benefits of cinnamon water compounds. Because cinnamon reduces inflammation and removes histamine reactions in the body, it helps to eliminate allergy symptoms and even prevents asthma attacks.
  9. Stress, stress and calm the person.
  10. Helps reduce blood sugar.
  11. It strengthens your immune system against pharyngitis.
  12. Reduces your risk of rheumatism
  13. Prevents high blood pressure.
  14. Resolves fatigue, fatigue.
  15. Broad spectrum is a natural anti-bacterial.
  16. It protects you from skin diseases.
  17. Prevents the formation of nitrozamine in the intestines.
  18. Prevents stress-related headaches.
  19. Stomach and intestine friendly, helps to protect your stomach.
  20. Provides mental vigor and fatigue.
  21. It increases the body’s resistance to cancer and prevents cancer.
  22. It strengthens the immune system, prevents you from getting sick and helps you to overcome the existing diseases quickly.
  23. Because it contains high amounts of antioxidants, it fights with free radicals and retards aging.
  24. Antioxidants in the cinnamon are anti-inflammatory, ie anti-inflammatory, drinking cinnamon water protects people from heart disease and brain function decline.
  25. Thanks to the special constituents in the content of cinnamon water, LDL helps reduce the “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while HDL enhances “good” cholesterol.
  26. Takes stress and tension.
  27. It is preventive against migraine.

Cinnamon Kürü (Tarçınlı Water, How to Prepare Cinnamon Tea) Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu Directions

Boil 1 cup of water in a pot. Throw 1 piece of cinnamon stick and boil in low heat for 5 minutes. For two hours after dinner. The application period is 4 days per week. It should not habit.

Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice to this sphere and get lemon cinnamon juice.

Cinnamon Water (Cinnamon Tea) Helps Weight Loss, Melting Belly!

Cinnamon water helps to lose weight; Specialist Dietician Pınar Kural Enç says that cinnamon water is very effective in losing weight and explains; The enzymes in the cinnamon stimulate the blood vessels in the abdomen and accelerate the burning of the fat in this region and accelerate the process of melting the navel. My recipe for weight loss cinnamon tea is as follows; 3 glasses of cinnamon in 1 glass of water and boil this water. Add 2 dessert spoons of honey and take it from the stove. Then add 2 cloves of carrot and half an hour before breakfast and one hour before bedtime. Dietician Esra Kula says that a bar of cinnamon is thrown into two liters of water and that consuming this water will help you to cut your appetite and prevent you from eating too much, thus helping to control your weight.

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