“Let’s open the wings of our children”

Will reveal children’s talents; The workshops that will direct thinking, design and production will be included in the new education system. According to the system announced by the Minister of Education, Ziya Selçuk, which is expected to start in the new education period, it is aimed to discover the talents of the children in the workshops. Minister Selçuk explained his approach to the workshops. “The width of the unopened wings is unknown; let’s open the wings of our children.” he explained.

In their opinions expressed by experts on the subject, it is emphasized that education should be handled as a whole and that it will be successful to be guided from a young age in line with their abilities.


Educator Figen Baydar also emphasized that creativity should be revealed from a young age in child development and education, and that it should be a priority for both children and families. Baydar pointed out that both development and education can be provided in workshops that enjoy, produce and love instead of children whose imagination is restricted, who do not realize their talents, are directed to the wrong areas, doomed to television and tablets.


“Preparation for life begins with the discovery of talent”

Pointing out that it is not difficult to raise successful children on a world scale, Baydar emphasized that creative workshops that should be started at a young age will be the first step and gave the following information:

“The best preparation for life can start with workshops that will reveal our children’s talents, enrich their imagination, increase their knowledge and skills, and gain an insight into life. Children intertwined with art, sports, science, tomorrow. We have realized a great profit for the society together with them.We have realized workshops with almost every field with the colorful names we have created by giving their intellectual rights to young entrepreneurs. They know no boundaries, I am the Hero of this Fairy Tale, You Sing Your Song, and Childish Camurca attend workshops with great enthusiasm and pleasure.They taste the happiness of producing, gain self-confidence. For example, in our Rhythm workshop, they lay the foundation of mathematics with the rhythm of music. Here, we both learn their talents and offer them opportunities. This is the most important first step in preparing them for life. “

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