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Leukoplakia What Does It Mean How It Goes What Good Income Treatment

Leukoplakia What Does It Mean How It Goes What Good Income Treatment

Leukoplakia is a health problem with thick, plaque-like white spots in the tongue, gums and mouth. This is mostly seen in smokers, but other environmental factors may also cause leukoplakia. The mild type of leukoplakia is generally benign, so a loss is not seen and is spontaneous. However, serious types may cause oral cancer and may require immediate medical attention. Leukoplakia can be easily identified because of the appearance of whitish lump in the tongue and mouth. Leukoplakia can also be seen in women and genital areas.

What is Leukoplakia?

Leukoplakia is the pre-cancer state of the mouth, ie the stage of development before cancer. Leukoplakia can cause thick white spots and tubers in the gums, the inner side of the cheek, the tongue, lower lip and the lower part of the mouth and cannot be removed easily. The leukoplakia in the mouth area is usually caused by persistent irritation of the inside of the mouth. This irritation is usually caused by tobacco chewing and drinking, or dentures, dentures or fillers that are not suitable for the mouth.

Is All Leukopia a Cancer?

Most cases of leukoplakia are benign (no cancer). However, early diagnosis is important. It is therefore advisable to consult your dentist if you notice abnormal changes in your mouth.

What are the causes of leukoplakia?

The exact cause of leukoplakia is unknown. But it is more common in patients with tobacco chewing or smoking habits, which often lead to chronic damage to the oral glands. Risk factors that may cause leukoplakia:

  1. Tobacco chewing or smoking (especially the pipe)
  2. Lack of vitamin A or B
  3. Keeping tobacco in the mouth for a long time
  4. Friction of sharp or broken teeth on tongue or cheeks
  5. Friction of the oral mucosa to denture or filler
  6. Secondary syphilis
  7. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
  8. Alcohol consumption
  9. Oral lichen planus – non-infected redness in the mouth
  10. Mouthworm – Mushroom infection in the mouth caused by Candidan

Which Doctorate to Go for Leukoplakia?

Go to the dentist.

How is Leukoplakia Diagnosed?

If your doctor suspects you have leukoplakia, he may undergo a biopsy. During the test, your dentist will examine the stains and determine if you have leukoplakia.

Is Leukoplakia Softly Spontaneous?

In most cases, cessation of smoking factors such as smoking cessation or tobacco chewing can cause the lesion to pass. If it’s still running, it may require surgery.

How is leukoplakia treated?

In most cases, leukoplakia is spontaneous and no treatment is needed, but it is important to learn the cause of leukoplakia and avoid it. Avoiding tobacco use is the best way to prevent leukoplakia and leukoplakia recurrence if leukoplakia is caused by tobacco use. If the tooth or denture problem is due to go to the dentist to solve the problem and prevent the recurrence of leukoplakia. If a malignant tumor has been diagnosed in the biopsy, the tubers must be taken urgently to prevent the spread of cancer.

Herbal Treatment Methods for Leukoplakia

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very useful in the treatment of leukoplakia. People with leukoplakia are called beta carotene and transformed into vitamin A in the body containing natural pigment carrots, zucchini, spinach and so on. food should be consumed.

C vitamin

Vitamin C which is antioxidant and keeps the body cells healthy is frequently prescribed for the treatment of leukoplakia. It also helps in renewing skin cells. Most people with leukoplakia can find healing with vitamin C support. Lemon, orange, grape, spinach and so on. You can also get this vitamin naturally from foods.

B9 Vitamin B9

This vitamin, which is very useful in the treatment of leukoplakia, is also known as folic acid. It plays an important role in the expression of nucleic acid and helps in the repair of DNA and RNA. Vitamin B9 is naturally liver, sunflower seed, bean sprouts and dark leafy greens and so on. can be found in foods.


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