Life-saving Facts About Keratin Care

Keratin care is a treatment applied to damaged hair. But first, it would be correct to name why the hair is worn out. Let’s examine why the hair needs keratin care.

The amount of air pollution in the city where you live, hair styling, repetitive dyeing in a short time and unsuitable shampoos make the hair need keratin care. When keratin protein, which is one of the common deficiencies of hair and nails, is missing, the best choice to be made is keratin care that can eliminate the deficiency.

The Place of Keratin in the Body; Keratin is the protein that makes up hair, extra-skin tissue and nails. For this reason, when its deficiency is felt, it can be felt not only in the hair but also in other areas. The protein, which provides resistance to tearing and scratching on our skin, also provides resistance to hair rupture and thinning. There is also keratin in our internal organs and glands.

The Importance of Keratin in Hair; In addition to the fine hair structure experienced in the hair, lifelessness also occurs due to the lack of keratin. The difference between specializing keratin care and using keratin-containing products is that keratin care has the ability to repair. Keratin, which thickens thinning hair, quickly repairs broken hair strands, adds vitality and shine, if used as a shampoo, it regularly protects the hair. But it does not carry the current situation any further. Therefore, keratin care must be done.

Keratin Care for Hair Thinning; We have told you that the keratin care cares for the hair strands before. Now let’s talk about the benefits it provides for thickening hair strands that are thin in their natural structure. Hair loss and thinning is one of the most common problems experienced by people living in hot climates. However, rising heat and falling heat have a similar effect. For this reason, if you do not have the opportunity to live continuously in ideal climatic conditions, you need to have absolute keratin care during transition periods. Keratin, which covers the flaking of the hair fiber, which is caused by temperature differences and is impossible to see with the eye, makes the hair look stronger and fuller.

Is it Possible to Keep Keratin Care Longer?

In order to have keratin care and maintain the effect of the care for a long time, the best choice should be to turn to sulfate-free and foam-free hair care products. Despite the extraordinary appearance of your hair after the keratin treatment, the internal structure may continue to be damaged. If you are dealing with damaged hair due to dye and dye-related effects, you need to be prepared for special protection after keratin treatment.

Sulfate-free and foam-free hair care products appear as special products that facilitate treatment at this point. Hair care products that prevent the drying and corrosion of the hair, thus ensure that the keratin layer remains attached to the hair longer. Do not neglect to determine the reason for your loss of keratin protein by consulting a specialist.

Keratin care is a treatment applied to damaged hair. But first, it would be correct to name why the hair is worn out.

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