Lip contour guide by skin color

Ergül Keskin, who says that choosing the right color for the lip depends on the structure, skin undertone and skin color of the lip, Ergül Keskin explains the shades that should be chosen according to the skin color in the lip contour.

Color touch to lips: Lip contour

Lip contours, a method that uses contouring makeup techniques, is the name given to coloring the inside of the lips, which is performed through contouring makeup devices and organic paints. The lip contour, which creates a much fuller look by giving shape to the lip line, is a cosmetic application where organic permanent dyes are processed under the skin with the help of completely personal sterile needles.

Ergül Keskin, who says that the lip contouring process provides the vitality needed by the lips, emphasizes that there are some points to be considered while making this application that provides fullness without surgery.

Ergül Keskin, who stated that they benefited from natural pigments in lip coloring, as a center: “Natural-based ingredients minimize the risk of allergies and sterile needles that we use personally are a safe way to beautify. Besides, a professional point of view is very important for successful results. Especially determining the color in accordance with the skin tone while in-lip coloring. It takes place under the guidance of our expert team. The lip color that harmonizes with the skin undertone provides a much more natural look. ” said.


Light skinned women which shades to choose

A velvety white skin is the dream of most women. It is considered as an important beauty factor, especially in the Far East. If your skin color is white, you are very lucky. If your skin tone is close to white, the color range you should choose should be the tones that will add energy and vitality to the face. At this point, pink, coral, violet and red tones that will reflect your energy and provide a bright look will be a good choice for your white skin.

The most important factor to be considered at this stage is to maintain a natural appearance and obtain a lively appearance. Because the lip contours that provide a long-lasting lip color the inside of the lip without the need for lipstick, ambitious choices can create an artificial image.


Brown hair women should choose which shades

Auburn women who are lucky for different colors can choose vibrant or matte shades according to their personal preferences. The colors that are ideal for women with brown or wheat skin come from the color chart of nature. More earthy tones, vibrant crimson, tile color and nude tones will always provide a stunning look. Pale colors are at the top of the colors that should be avoided. In general, using pale colors in lip coloring for skin close to the color of the earth may make the person seem more lifeless and tired than it is.


Dark skinned women which shades to choose

It is possible to get a natural and flawless appearance when brown skin, which prints songs in its name, meets the right colors. At this point, do not hesitate to use vibrant colors that are compatible with brown skin and will emphasize this skin color. You can easily choose red, burgundy, burgundy and shades and always get a feminine look. If a more daily image is aimed at, at this point, the calmer shades of red are just for you…

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