Liquid soaps cause nail breakage!


Dermatology Specialist Dr. Serpil Özyılmaz stated that there are many reasons for nail breakage, and sometimes warned that it indicates serious health problems.

Take care to use gloves

Stating that nail breaks are the most common due to vitamin and mineral deficiency, Dr. Serpil Özyılmaz, stating that iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A and D deficiency cause nail breakage, said: “Healthy nail is pink, transparent and dished. Depending on the cold weather, hands may dry faster and the nails may become more sensitive in this period, especially in the winter months. The most important precaution is to use a moisturizer after every hand washing, while it will be useful to wear a moisturizer and wear gloves while going to the cold weather. ”

Avoid contact with cold water

Saying that liquid soaps cause nail breakage. Özyılmaz said, “In general, the use of non-liquid soaps in mold soaps is recommended. It is not recommended to use chemicals such as wet wipes and cologne as they damage the integrity of the skin. In addition, frequent hand washes are not recommended, as they will disrupt skin areas.

If you have an allergic nature. . .

Try not to contact with too much cold water in cold weather in winter, you can also use gloves to prevent direct contact of the detergents used in household cleaning with the nails. If you have an allergenic structure, you can choose cotton gloves. Frequent use of nail polish and acetone can also cause damage to the nails. ”


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