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Makatta Pain in pain

Makatta Pain in pain

Breech pain is a common problem that can be caused by many reasons such as anal fissure, breech fracture and hemorrhoids. Breech pain is often accompanied by a burning sensation in the rectum, breech pruritus, breech aneurysm, and bleeding from the anus. Breech pain can be caused during sexual intercourse or suddenly after breaking the ablution. If you suffer from breech pain, the first thing you should do is to go to the general surgery physician. Breech pain usually causes anal fissure. After determining the cause of breech pain, the doctor will apply the necessary treatment.

Causes of breech pain

  1. Breech crack
  2. Breech cancer (Anal cancer)
  3. Anal sex
  4. Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, yeasts)
  5. Chronic constipation
  6. Swelling of the anus
  7. Crohn’s disease (a kind of inflammatory bowel disease)
  8. Diarrhea (causes irritation of the breech area)
  9. Rectum cancer
  10. Fungal inflammations
  11. Breech abscess
  12. Inflammation of the breech
  13. Herpes virus infection
  14. Ulcerative colitis (a type of inflammatory bowel disease)
  15. Ulcerative proctitis (a type of inflammatory bowel disease)
  16. Pregnancy and childbirth
  17. Pilonidal cyst
  18. diverticulitis
  19. Inflammation of the intestine
  20. Irritable bowel syndrome
  21. Stomachache
  22. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, herpes
  23. Seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema
  24. Levator syndrome called muscle spasm
  25. Coccycodine (coccyx bone pain)
  26. Petrified Stool
  27. A clot in the breech region (perianal hematoma)
  28. Breech sagging
  29. Breech itching
  30. Prostate inflammation or urinary tract inflammation
  31. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema
  32. To sit still for a long time
  33. Inflammatory abscesses that can occur in the anus
  34. In a condition called proctalgia fugax, the muscles around the anus cause breech pain due to very short contractions.
  35. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea
  36. Perianal abscess
  37. Colon cancer or anus cancer
  38. Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (scarring in the rectum)
  39. Breech injury
  40. Breech wart
  41. Tumors in the pelvis (uterine cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, penis cancer)

Which Doctorate for Pain in Ruptured?

You should go to the General Surgery doctor for pain in the arm. The doctor will wear his gloves and examine your breech area. The most effective method for the diagnosis of breech pain is the anoscope, and the patient’s instructions and finger examination may lead, but it is difficult to make sure of the actual diagnosis unless an anoscope examination is performed . Anoscope examination also provides information about the level of the disease. Colonoscopy is also used to determine the cause of breech pain. After determining that this problem is caused, it will apply the necessary treatment. For breech pain, doctors may prescribe oral medication (endol capsule or buscopan plus) and suppository (endol supp) drugs.

Natural And Herbal Treatment Methods For Pain

Hot And Cold Compress

Keeping hot water bags in the breech area will be very effective in relieving the pain in the area. Some types of pain do not like heat. If it is not good for your pain, remove the ice cubes from the ice cube and wrap them to the athletes. This method will relieve pain by relieving and numbing the nerves that cause pain.

Olive oil

Olive oil can also help pass the breech pain. Mix an equal amount of olive oil, honey and wax in a bowl. Heat in a microwave oven until the wax is completely dissolved. If you don’t have a microwave oven, you can melt it in the same way. Allow to cool, then apply to the affected area. Repeat several times each day.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera pain relief, healing properties will help to pass through the pain in the rectum. Cut the aloe vera gel leaf lengthwise and remove the gel. Drive to the breech area. Repeat this method several times a day. You can obtain the leaves of the aloe vera from the plant selling places and from the internet.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil, rich in triglycerides, easily penetrates the skin, lubricates the affected area and initiates the healing process. Apply 2 to 3 times a day of solid coconut oil to the area where the breech is painful. Solid coconut oil can be obtained from transferring and large cosmetics.

Hot Water Seating

Fill the nozzle with hot water and sit in this water for 15 minutes, contacting the breech area with water. Accelerates blood circulation in the rectum and renews the tissues by removing the pain in the rectum.

Questions and Responses to Doctors on Makatta Ağrı

Makat bölgemde zonklama şeklinde ağrılar yaşıyorum, bu ağrılar beni uykudan bile uyandırıyor.bugün kolonoskopi yaptırdım sonuç herşey normal yazıyor raporda. Sual: I’m having throbbing pain in my breech area, these pains awaken me even from sleep. Breech pain, what should I do?


The answer of Sezai Leventoğlu, General Surgery surgeon: (In the presence of an abscess or mass in this area, the aneurysm is usually seen. If you have an underlying organic cause, it should be avoided and should be excluded . After defecation (without using soap) clean with plenty of hot water.

10 saat sürekli oturarak çalışıyorum 83 kiloyum, oturmaktan makatta ağrı oluştu nedeni nedir? Sual: I ‘m working for 10 hours I’m sitting, I’m 83 kilos, what is the reason why I was sitting in pain?


The answer of General Surgery surgeon Mustafa Işık: (It may be caused by hair loss or anal fissure. Diagnosis becomes definite as soon as you are examined.)

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