Management of 1 million 200 thousand pediatricians, Turkish father and son

During the World Pediatric Association elections held recently in Panama, Prof. Dr. Enver Hasanoğlu became the president by taking 70% of the votes. Last year, Professor of IPA’s Foreign Affairs Directorate. Dr. Kerem Hasanoğlu, son of Hasanoğlu, was brought. Thus, the Turkish stamp was made to the organization, which is a member of 1 million 200 thousand pediatricians in the world. Expressing that he is very happy that one of the most important children’s organizations in the world is entrusted to 2 Turks, Kerem Hasanoğlu said that he hardly persuaded his father, whom he made an offer for the presidency of the World Pediatric Association. Kerem Hasanoğlu stated that they received many greeting phones and thanked the ministers who called them and the President of YÖK for their support.



Kerem Hasanoğlu said that they held one of the largest organizations in the world in Panama and brought together pediatricians from many countries. “IPA collects 1 million 200 thousand pediatricians under its own roof. In this sense, it is the biggest child health institution in the world. We have some criteria in presidential election. First, you have to be good with all countries because every country and every delegate has 1 vote. Therefore, it is necessary to have good relations with Africa and the USA. Enver teacher had many features such as rectorate and YÖK membership, but the main thing was lobbying. When we asked the general ideas, everyone liked their work very much. As a result, Turkish scientist Enver Hasanoğlu was elected as the chairman, receiving 70 percent of the votes. I was appointed last year. The Turkish president of IPA has been around 35 years ago. However, he was elected president without election at that time. In such a period, at a time when our country was so compressed, getting 70 percent of the votes was a serious source of happiness. ”


Kerem Hasanoğlu explained the projects they planned to carry out as an institution: “We are interested in all children from Asia and Africa, but we wanted the Middle East to be on the agenda. We are working for this. All of the institutions affiliated with us meet one-on-one with their heads of state and their heads. We believe that the sound of the Middle East is less in the world. The death of a child in the USA or elsewhere sounds more than the death of 150 children in the Middle East, in the world. We have emphasized this very strongly. Currently Turkey has come with the war victims are children; parents, victims of war. At the moment, we can explain these at the highest level in our institutions. a meeting in Turkey did, how to apply for other institutions if it is to maximize this contribution. Other countries around the world are participating in the status of president and ministers of health. We also stress that they do there exactly is Turkey, which sees incredibly appreciated. ”

“I am proud and proud of my country”

Professor Dr. Anwar said that the Hasanoğlu IPA Turkey is modeled in this sense, “IPA” Turkey model received ‘he says. There are child migrants in other countries, but they show us as an example. ” Professor Dr. Hasanoğlu explained the process going to the presidency as follows:

“My son, there are 1 million 200 thousand pediatricians affiliated with the ‘Father World Pediatric Association’. Come on, “Come and preside.” We started this way. I am happy and proud of my country. It was good. ”


Professor Dr. Enver Hasanoğlu spoke about the vaccines that have been discussed a lot in recent years and said, “I am a 50-year-old physician and it is not compared with 50 years ago. Turkey was very successful and we did a lot. But this is the rejection of the vaccine that has upset us in recent years. As IPA, we try to convince all over the world. In Romania, there is an outbreak of measles in France. If we go on like this epidemic begins in Turkey. We are trying to enlighten the people at this point. ”

Against the allegations that vaccines say, vaccines contain mercury and cause autism, “There is absolutely no such thing and mercury is so low that it is one millionth of what we get from food. It doesn’t do autism in any way. He is not related to autism. ”


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