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Medicinal Plants for Bone Melting, Foods Good for Bone Melting

Medicinal Plants for Bone Melting, Foods Good for Bone Melting

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease caused by a decrease in bone mass and a weakening of the bone structure. Bone melting should not be thought of as melt in the mind. Bone melting can be thought of as more perforated cheese becomes more perforated. That is, more space is formed in the bone tissue. This results in faster fractures of the bones and severe pain. In later stages, the bone density decreases so that bone fractures can be observed even with a small blow or strong sneezing. Women older than 50 years are under the risk group. The frequency of men and the severity of the disease is much less. The rate of fractures due to bone resorption is approximately 50% for women over 50 years of age . Bone deficiency disease does not give a symptom, until a bone breaks. The early diagnosis of this insidious disease allows for the onset of food to be taken in a timely manner and causes you to spend more time remaining. Therefore, it is recommended that women who are older than 45 years of age are admitted to orthopedics or physical therapy physician and have bone mineral density (BMD) test.

Causes bone resorption?

  1. The most important cause of bone resorption is bone loss due to aging. Every cell in our body dies and new cells are formed. New cells in bone resorption are less than old cells. This is similar to this; As the water draws from a well, the groundwater continues to feed this well, so the water of the well does not decrease. If the groundwater begins to decline, the water in the well also decreases.
  2. Estrogen in women and decreased androgen hormone in men.
  3. Beginning of menopause.
  4. Thyroid problems and the use of cortisone drugs.

Symptoms of bone resorption

  1. Bone fractures and cracking are the first symptoms. Their pain is much more severe than normal fractures.
  2. Strong back pain in the back vertebrae (depending on the fracture),
  3. Length and shrinkage in physical structure,
  4. Hump ​​formation (this can make the front body larger by compressing the rib cage, patients may have an overweight abdomen and chest structure.
  5. Osteoclasis; It is a problem that you can get much lighter when you are followed from 40’s. In this article, we have presented the recommendations that help prevent bone resorption and help your bone structure stay stronger and healthier.

Osteoporosis Prevention and Natural Methods to Help Treatment

Increasing Calcium Intake

Calcium and magnesium are essential for bone structure and other body functions. For this, milk, yogurt, cheese, bananas, lentils and green leafy vegetables should eat plenty. You can meet your calcium and magnesium needs with the vitamin medication your doctor will prescribe. The most effective way to combat bone resorption is to take calcium vitamin regularly.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is incredibly useful for bones. Vitamin D is a sine qua non of patients with bone resorption due to both the vitamin itself and the increased use of calcium from the body. The best way to obtain vitamin D is the sun. By keeping your arm face and leg areas in direct sunlight for 10 minutes a day, you get enough vitamin D. You need to pay attention is not to stand in the sun and to use sunscreen when sunbathing for vitamin D.

Prunes (dried plums)

In scientific studies, it was determined that dry plum increases the bone mass. According to a study conducted by Florida State University in 2011, it was stated that consuming prunes helped to strengthen the bones. For this, you will have to eat 3-4 pieces of prunes on an empty stomach. If you wish, you can consume plums together with honey.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an effective food for bone resorption. Drop the coconut oil 3-4 times in a glass of water or milk, half an hour before going to bed at night. In addition, especially your back areas, such as massage your body to rub this oil. Wait for an hour to soak up your body and take a warm shower.

Milk & Almond

You get an effective deva with a high calcium-containing almond and milk mixture. Drop a handful of almonds into the water from the night. Filter the water and peel the almond’s membrane and pass it through the blender. Pour the broken almonds into a glass of milk. Mix and add 1 piece of cinnamon powder. If you consume it for a month, your bone health will be strengthened.


Sesame, a rich source of calcium, is an effective seed for the treatment of bone resorption. Buy 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds and buy one cup of warm milk. Soak up the sun for 1 minute every day and 15 minutes after drinking. Sesame also contains vitamins such as magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese, as well as K and D, which increase bone mineral density and help you get rid of osteoporosis. Take advantage of the sesame milk recipe, which is very effective in bone loss.

Coriander Seed

Coriander is a spice rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium. This helps to increase bone density. 2 teaspoons coriander seeds boil in a coffee pot water. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes after boiling. Seed the seeds and water. You can consume it as a glass every day. You can also take 1 teaspoon of 1 cup of milk from the coriander seed powder.

What are the nutrients that strengthen bone-preventing bones?

  1. Milk and milk products
  2. Yoghurt
  3. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce
  4. Almond
  5. Salmon
  6. Pea
  7. Broccoli
  8. Green tea
  9. Cabbage
  10. Lettuce
  11. Oat
  12. Lemon

Additional recommendations

  1. Omega3-rich foods or fish oil, omega3 pills are also effective products for bone resorption.
  2. Eat plenty of estrogen hormone-enhancing nutrients.
  3. Light exercises and regular walk.
  4. Stay away from alcohol and cigarette.
  5. Take minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins K and D.
  6. See your doctor for strong back, hip and other bone pains.

Suna Dumankaya Cure for Bone Pain

Sual: I’ve had a lot of bones hurting for a while. So much so that I don’t sleep at night with pain. Do you have a formula that I can use to overcome this problem as soon as possible?

First, see a doctor to understand why your bones are in pain, and adhere to the treatment that he will treat you. Also every night before bedtime add a teaspoon of ginger, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey into a glass of warm milk, slowly mix it. This effective mixture will relieve the pain in your bones and allow your sleep to be regulated in a very short time.

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