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Melisa Tea Damage, Lemon Melisa Ogul Tea How Does It Brew?

Melisa Tea Damage, Lemon Melisa Ogul Tea How Does It Brew?

Lemon balm, lemon balm, also known as the henna plant is a very useful herb melisa plant thousand grape. The benefits of lemon balm are relieving the nerves, relieving stress, relieving the digestive system, helping the insomnia, weakening, lengthening and strengthening immunity thanks to its antiviral and antimicrobial, analgesic and antioxidant properties. In this article, we will talk about the health benefits of melissa, how to infuse the melissa tea, and we will publish tea recipes that can be prepared by plant experts and doctors. In our article Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu tea lengthening with melisa tea recipe can also read.

Benefits of Melisa Tea

  1. It strengthens the nerves, is natural sedative, prevents depression.
  2. It is very effective in eliminating digestive system problems such as indigestion, gas, bloating, colic.
  3. Melisa tea helps to relieve the body and headaches.
  4. According to the researchers, balm leaves are an antibacterial and antiviral plant, fight against diseases with this feature, prevents disease.
  5. Melisa tea strengthens learning ability and perception. (It is determined by the scientific studies that rozmarinic acid, one of the substances in melisa, supports the learning and sensing functions of the brain.)
  6. Melisa helps the hormones in the body to work well, so it is effective in eliminating menstrual irregularities and menstrual pain.
  7. Melissa tea is spasmolytic (spasm relieving), passes cramps and prevents cramp formation. Therefore, it is very useful for women who experience cramps in normal times or period.
  8. Melisa tea refreshes the skin thanks to the mineral salts and oils it contains, delays aging and removes fine wrinkles. This tea also protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  9. Melisa tea prevents Alzheimer’s disease. Among the medicines approved by the FDA for the management of Alzheimer’s disease, there are two medicinal and aromatic herbal products, M. officinalis (Melissa grass) and Salvia officinalis (Sage).
  10. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in the content of melissa tea plays an important role in relieving fatigue. It makes one feel fit and vigorous.
  11. I’m very angry, very aggressive construction, what you’ll do if you think of black land to catch up with the green tea! Experts report that melissa tea is one of the most effective natural tranquilizers. All you need to do is to drink a glass of lemon balm tea at bedtime every night.

Does melissa weaken tea? Yes, melissa tea takes control of appetite, keeps you satiated and helps you lose weight.

How Is Melisa Tea Made?

Melisa tea you will make a declaration of melissa, so you can buy herbs plant. Boil 1 cup of water to boil, boil, take out of the cooker 1 teaspoon lemon balm grass and leave for 3-5 min brew. Then hot to hot.

Very Useful Melissa Tea Recipes For Health That You Can Make With Melisa (Oğul Otu) Tea From Plant Specialist Suna Dumankaya

Yaz sonundan beri uyku problemi yaşıyorum. Sual: I have a sleep problem since late summer. I can’t sleep at night. What should I do to get a sleepless sleep?


Suna Dumankaya’s response is: First recipe that I can recommend: Add 1 tablespoon of lemon balm and lavender in 1 cup of water, boil it, and brew it like a tea. My other recipe is: 1 cup of balm herb, chamomile and anise with a piece of liquorice, boil in a glass of water for 2 minutes. For 1 cup of this tea before bed every evening. If your problem is still not solved, always see a specialist.)

Son günlerde çok sık başım ağrıyor. Sual: I have a headache lately. The drugs I use cannot prevent the recurrence of my problem. Do you have a formula that is good for your headache?


Plant Specialist Suna Dumankaya’s response: (Equal amount of balm, sage, lime, mint and saffron water to the brew like tea brews. When ready to put this mixture in a glass jar. sweetener.

Very Useful Melissa Tea Recipes For Health That You Can Make With Melisa (Oğul Otu) Tea From Plant Expert Suna Dumankaya

Son günlerde enerjim çekilmiş durumda. Sual: I’ve been feeling a little lately. Cold weather didn’t work for me. She wants to sleep all the time, I feel so tired. This reduces my efficiency at work, what can I do to raise my energy?


The response of Suna Dumankaya, a specialist of the plant, is: a pinch of lemon balm, a pinch of saffron and three cups of boiling water in a cup of 2 cups of water, for a tea cup after 10 minutes of brewing. Every day you will eat a banana and you will feel good for your nerves and your energy will increase.

Çok yoğun ve stresli bir işim var. Sual: I have a very busy and stressful job. Especially in the last period of mental fatigue and forgetfulness I’m in trouble. What do you recommend me to do to overcome these problems quickly?


The response of Suna Dumankaya, a specialist in plant medicine, is to add 2 dried roses to each cup of tequila tea, and to make it calm and relax, and to combat forgetfulness every day, 1 handful of hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, ground. grapes, carrots and apples.

Professor Dr. How To Prepare A Lengthening Cure With Melisa Tea From İbrahim Saraçoğlu?

First of all, you should consume fish such as toric, bonito, mackerel, mullet at least three times a week. And you should also consume the black flesh on the back of these fish. You should not forget to eat a bowl of homemade yoghurt before bedtime.


  1. Melisa tea
  2. Rosemary

Preparation of:

The two types of tea listed above should be used separately for boys and girls. Leave the lemon balm tea in boiled water and allow to infuse for about ten minutes. For men, put rosemary in a glass of boiled water. In this way, wait for ten minutes to infuse. For this mixture after the warm. However, you should drink this mixture once a week.

Prof. dr. Melisa Plant from Osman Müftüoğlu and Anti-aging Tea Recipe that Rejuvenates Skin to Prevent Aging; 20 gr melissa, 30 g thyme, 20 g sage, 30 g rosemary, 20 g marjoram, 50 g black currant leaf. These plants are removed from the stream. All mixed. Every morning, take 2 teaspoons from this mixture and put in 1 cup of boiling water, wait for 5 minutes and drink. Melisan, diterpene and phenolic acid content of the marjoram, the proanthocyanidin support of the black currant leaf and the polyphenol richness of all increase the antioxidant power of your tea.

What are the damages of Melisa Tea?

  1. Melisa tea may cause allergies in some people and may cause skin rash, swelling and flushing.
  2. Melisa tea due to the essential oils in the liver inflammation, stomach and duodenal ulcers can be harmful to those with ulcers, these people should not drink tea without consulting the doctor.
  3. Melissa tea can interact with the drugs you use and may increase or decrease their effectiveness.
  4. People with glycemia should consult with their doctor and drink this tea.
  5. Melisa tea can touch some people and headaches.
  6. Melisa tea can interact with other drugs during or after surgery and can cause sleep. You should stop drinking melissa tea until 2 weeks before the operation.

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