Migraine is a complete headache

One out of every 5 women and one out of every 10 men have migraine problems. Although migraine is a complete headache, it also causes nausea, speech difficulties and temporary vision problems. There are elements that trigger migraine consisting of four phases as predrome, aura, attack and postdrome. Temperature, high humidity, stress, hunger, heavy odors, lodos, seasonal changes, any flickering light, cigarette smoke, unhealthy diet, meal skipping, menstrual period and birth control pills are among the triggers of migraine. Drinks and foods containing all kinds of caffeine, salami, sausage, snack-type foods and chocolate can also be shown as foods that trigger migraines.


What should I do to get rid of migraine attacks

– To get rid of the attacks first, stay away from stress. If necessary, seek help from a specialist.

– Exercise regularly, prevent both physical and mental ailments.

Stay neither sleepless nor steal too much time to sleep. Depending on the person, it is recommended to sleep 6-8 hours a day.

– It is recommended that you do not go out in the lodos if possible, since lordos weather is among the factors that trigger migraine attacks.

– Avoid unhealthy snacks and try not to skip meals.

– Avoid environments where sharp smells and bright lights are intense, especially high noise.


Foods good for migraine “Drink lots of water!”

It is one of the healthy slogans you encounter almost everywhere. It is useful to underline that water, which is healing everywhere, also has a preventive effect on migraine. Being dehydrated can cause unbearable pain in our heads. For this reason, take care to consume 2-3 liters of water a day, especially when stress is experienced and migraine will knock on our door.


Our second slogan is “Eat Healthy!”

Remember, one way to fight headaches is through foods rich in calcium and magnesium. For this, place dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage at the top of your market list. However, make room for seafood and soy products containing magnesium, garlic and oatmeal in your kitchen.


Good news for bitter lovers

According to scientific data, consuming hot peppers is good for brain functions, while relaxing the nervous system. For this reason, even if there is no definitive scientific judgment, we can say that hot pepper is good for migraine.


consume serotonin

Here is another known fact that when the level of the hormone serotonin decreases, the risk of migraine attacks increases. Therefore, we consume plenty of serotonin-rich nuts, almonds and walnuts, milk, sesame seeds and whole grains.

Knowing what type of migraine you have allows you to better manage the symptoms of your condition.


What type of migraine is yours?

Hemiplegic Migraine

This type of migraine, which is more common in children than in adults, manifests itself in chronic, seizures. The most important detail in the diagnosis of this migraine type is paralysis covering a certain area and may continue between 15 minutes and 1 hour depending on the severity of the migraine.

It will be useful to consult a doctor immediately, as the headache in hemiplegic migraine may be energetic with a stroke (brain attack).

Migraine with Aura

The tingling that occurs on the face and hands before or during migraine is accompanied by migraine pain following the formation of excess light in the eye. Symptoms of intense headache, sensitivity to light and sound, and nausea occur in normal migraine, and emotional disturbances and temporary vision problems manifest themselves.

Similar treatment method is applied with various medications as in migraine without aura.

Abdominal Migraine

It often includes severe abdominal pain in children, rarely seen in adults, which can also cause headaches. Although it does not contain severe headache like a normal migraine disorder, recurrent attacks of severe nausea and vomiting may occur. Once diagnosed, it can be treated with drugs used for migraines such as beta-blockers and antidepressants.

Menstrual Migraine

The reason why women are known as headaches is because they are 3 times more common in women than men. It was named as menstrual migraine because the attacks were seen as severe migraine attacks especially during menstrual periods. Generally, premenstrual pain can last for a few days and psychological changes and cramps occur with it. Preventive treatments and hormone regulators are applied for the pain that occurs.

Eye Migraine (Ocular Migraine)

It occurs in the vessels that nourish the eye due to temporary spasm and its symptoms are usually temporary and painless. It has two different types, retinal and ophthalmoplegic.

Retinal migraine is a recurrent visual discomfort in a single eye and is temporary. Its symptoms last about 30 minutes.

Ophthalmoplegic migraine, on the other hand, is more rare and is manifested by visual impairment and impairment, low eyelid, strabismus, and enlarged pupil due to the paralysis of the nerves controlling eye movements.

Although it is a frightening type of migraine, it is generally harmless and resolves on its own within 30 minutes without taking any medication supplements. If possible, you should not skip your meals, stay away from alcohol, and factors that affect migraine such as stress and sleep problems should be avoided.

Vestibular Migraine (Headache Vertigo)

Unfortunately, migraine is not a well-known disease in our country, so patients think of sinusitis in the first place. The diagnosis of these episodes can be made very difficult by doctors, in the form of vertigo, which occurs with or without a headache, and crises in which accompanying symptoms are observed.

Mostly young people and middle-aged women have crises that coincide with their menstrual periods. Perception impairment, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity may occur. Some patients may also experience severe dizziness, up to the degree of fainting.

There is no definitive treatment option in vestibular migraine. By avoiding migraine-triggering factors, you take the first step for treatment. Caffeinated beverages, chocolate, salt, sleep disorder, bright light, excessive noisy environments, intense smell and stress should be avoided.

Chronic Migraine

It is a type of migraine that lasts 15 days or more. Most people may experience these painful attacks once or twice a month, but this does not prevent them from living their normal lives. The use of excessive medicines plays a major role in the migration of migraine to chronic.

Acupuncture and botox are among the chronic migraine treatments.

Botox applied to the points between the eyebrows and temples is effective in migraine pain caused by compression of the nerves coming out of the brain, but unfortunately it does not affect every type of migraine.

Since the effect of botox, which lasts for about 6 months, is over, your muscles will continue to work and your migraine pain may start again.

Doc. Dr. Halit Yerebakan

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