“Most sexual problems are of psychological origin”

Exp. Clinical Psychologist Ebrar Karaçuha gave information about Vaginismus. Karaçuha, who stated that vaginismus has a 100 percent solution, “Vaginismus, which we frequently encounter in women, is actually the self-defense of the female body by protecting the person from anxiety, harmful thing, danger from their anxiety from fear. Vaginismus is the shield of the body against fears. Ten of every hundred women in our country are struggling with sexual dysfunction, one in ten women is fighting with vaginismus. “Most of the couples who are afraid of receiving psychological support are breathing in court rooms. In fact, it is very easy to get rid of these problems completely with a few sessions.” said.

Can it be checked

In some times, the body of the human can react involuntarily. The person is unable to control the body during sexual intercourse and may have involuntary contractions. These are usually caused by sexual myths, namely false beliefs, insufficient knowledge of sexuality, unconscious fears and thoughts.

Just as we can go to a gym and develop and manage our muscles, some exercises can also manage the pelvic floor muscles, which we call vaginal muscles. With sexual therapy, necessary sexual education can be given by studying the unconscious fears of the person. A multidisciplinary study is required to eliminate organic symptoms.


What are sexual therapies

It is a psychological therapy method that touches perhaps the most hidden parts of human health. The bedrooms of couples are not just four walls that they set up to rest and sleep. If they do not make those areas fun, these walls will be the harbingers of a large wall that they built among themselves. Such cases can also arise from factors that feed on the subconscious. The most stereotypical First night anxiety, the fear of not being able to satisfy, and the factors such as these things are shameful, unspoken, which date back to our childhood, can unfortunately make us abstaining from the wife.


How many sessions will result in a positive treatment?

In fact, this changes for every client I work with. With some of our clients, we can solve this problem with a single session from time to time, and sometimes with weeks of therapy. But I think my longest consultation was about 12 sessions. One of the most important factors in the therapy process is the therapeutic relationship your therapist establishes with you. If the client cannot establish a secure connection with his therapist and express his thoughts freely, there is no healthy process. Perhaps the most important feature that distinguishes me from my colleagues is that I can support such a private subject and support them to be comfortable and to trust them first.

For this reason, we can achieve the success of my clients’ problems in a very short time since they clearly express all their problems from A to Z.



I definitely recommend couples with your vehicle to get “pre-marriage sexual counseling” to avoid such problems. Another suggestion is that they talk a lot. Instead of saying that he likes it and generalize it, say, “My wife likes it and make your marriage unique. Don’t just stay with my wife / husband.” Do you like it? ” Ask, express your requests more clearly.

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