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My Baby Has Flu, What Is Good For Colds In Babies?

My Baby Has Flu, What Is Good For Colds In Babies?

Influenza, colds and colds are very common health problems especially in winter months. Infants influenza, colds, colds, how to pass, what to do? In our article, we have included expert recommendations for infant colds and at the end of the article we published questions and answers to doctors about this issue. Infants older than 3 months can be treated at home with the consent of the doctor if the symptoms of influenza are not severe. If your baby is getting worse or hasn’t healed within a week, you should take it to a doctor.

Give plenty of fluids and breast milk

Give your baby enough liquid food. Excessive fluid intake reduces nasal secretion and allows flu, cold, colds to be overcome more quickly. Infants 6 months and older may drink water and juice. Fluid needs of infants under 6 months should be met with breast milk or formula.

Use the nasal aspirator

With the nasal aspirator available from the pharmacy, remove the mucus in the baby’s nose and let it breathe freely. Breathing easily, the baby will survive the disease faster.

Let it rest a lot

The human body consumes a lot of energy when fighting infection. Keep your baby away from stress when he’s cold, let him rest plenty of time instead of moving games.

Use the steam engine

The steam engine, which you can buy over the internet or from a baby-selling store, reduces your baby’s body and speeds up the healing process, allows the baby to breathe more comfortably. In addition, placing an air humidifier in the baby’s room makes it easy to fall asleep and sleep comfortably.

You can use Vaseline.

To reduce the irritation to your baby’s nose, rash and redness caused by flu, you can apply vaseline to the wound sites with your doctor’s approval.

Use the Vicks

If your baby is older than 3 months, consult your doctor and use Vicks. Vicks creates a sense of coolness in the nose, allowing your baby to breathe more comfortably. Massage a small amount of vicks on the baby’s chest, neck and back. Do not apply vicks to your baby without asking your doctor.

Use antipyretic medication

Acetaminophen for infants three months and older; ibuprofen is safe for babies six months and older. Calpol, Peditus syrup can also be asked to the doctor to drink flu, flu, baby.

Feed the liquid foods, drink

Try to feed your baby warm liquid foods slightly above the warmth. 6 months or more if your baby chicken soup, chamomile tea and apple juice can drink. These foods can help relieve sore throat, nasal congestion, pain and fatigue.

Feed the honey

Warm honey is one of the most effective remedies for sore throat, soothes cough, but should not be given to children under 12 months of age, as it can cause botulism in infants under one year of age. Never eat honey if you are under 1 year old. There is a risk of botulism.

Questions and answers to doctors about influenza, flu and colds in infants

Question: My 10-month-old girl has a cold today, her nose is sneezing, sneezing has reddening in her eyes, what can I do?


Pediatrician Asaf Guven’s answer: (Drip saline into his nose. If he follows his fever, give him an antipyretic. If he continues, have him examined.)

Question: I give pediatric syrup when my baby’s nose is running, that is when it catches cold. His nose isn’t usually blocked. I wonder if I’m doing it right?


Pediatric Doctor Murat Aydin’s answer: (Pediatric syrup you must call the peditus and you do it right.)

Question: My daughter had the flu 2 weeks ago. Would it be effective if I had the flu vaccine now?


Pediatrician Hadi Geylan’s answer: (Sure, you can.)

Question: I have a 5-month-old baby with colds and mild wheezing peditus syrup, bricanyl expectorant syrup, muconex syrup which one do you recommend to give?


Pediatrician Rıdvan Güçlü’s answer: (Get well, you can use nasal drops and peditus.)

Question: My baby was 11 months old, and I think it’s a lot of flu, I have peditus, I give him the syrup. I have astafen syrup, but what do you suggest to pass it?


Pediatrician Murat Aydin’s answer: (Peditus is enough.)

Question: My baby who has been 23 days old has a slight cold since yesterday, clogged his nose and coughs to cough drops and peditus syrup to cough What do you suggest?


Pediatric Doctor Murat Aydin’s answer: (Use the secret, will relax.)

Note: The answers given by doctors in this article are exclusive to individuals. Do not use medication for your baby without consulting your doctor.

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