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Myoma Herbal Treatment Method During Pregnancy


What is Myoma in Pregnancy Symptoms Causes Treatment. Women may experience fibroids at any time in their lives. This ailment …

Myoma Herbal Treatment Method During Pregnancy

What Causes Myoma Symptoms in Pregnancy

Women may encounter fibroids at any time in their lives. This ailment can also occur during pregnancy. Tumors that occur in the uterus are called myoma. These malignant tumors, which are mostly benign, are also rare and malignant. About 8 out of every 100 women may face fibroid problems during pregnancy.

What Are Myoma Symptoms During Pregnancy?


Although fibroids that occur during pregnancy do not usually produce any symptoms, the following symptoms are also likely to occur;

  1. Pain and pressure in the groin
  2. Leg pain
  3. Back pain
  4. Pain felt when urinating
  5. Vaginal bleeding
  6. Constipation
  7. Increase in urinary frequency
  8. Feeling pain during sexual intercourse
  9. Menstrual cycles before pregnancy are heavy bleeding and long duration
  10. Making low one after another

How Is Myoma Treatment In Pregnancy?

If myoma is present in the expectant mother, it may be necessary to be kept under constant surveillance. But this is not mandatory for every fibroid diagnosis during pregnancy. Sometimes, doctors recommend bed rest for patients diagnosed with fibroids.

Myomas can be taken, but this is a very rare treatment method. Because this surgical intervention has the risk of causing various complications. Although this operation is sometimes performed during cesarean delivery, it is usually performed after delivery. It is not necessary to remove all myomas.

Myoma Herbal Treatment

It is stated that some herbal cures cause the fibroids in the uterus to melt and shrink. Onion cure is one of these natural treatments. Since the preparation of the onion cure that destroys myomas is very practical, it is also the center of attention of many women. The following recipe can be applied for herbal cure recommended by İbrahim Saraçoğlu and good for myomas.

First, the peel of one onion is peeled and cut into four pieces. Then the onions are boiled for 5 minutes with 2 glasses of water. This cure is consumed regularly for 15 days, 2 or 3 glasses every day. The water used should not be tap water, but closed water from markets.

Prof Dr. Before you start the treatment of fibroids recommended by İbrahim Saraçoğlu, it will be useful to ask your doctor. If your doctor states that this cure is applicable during pregnancy and will not harm your baby, you can safely use it.

Does Myom Make Infertility?

Myomas formed inside the uterus are in danger of infertility. 2% of women who cannot become pregnant cannot have children because of fibroids. Myomas can prevent the egg from clinging to the uterus, settling in, or sperm reaching the egg.

What are the Damages of Myoma in Pregnancy?

If myoma is detected in the mother-to-be, it must be followed continuously. Otherwise, fibroids can grow and pose a serious risk to the mother and baby. Myomas formed during pregnancy often bring with it the risk of miscarriage. Other than that, fibroids can lead to preterm labor. Due to myoma, the placenta can leave early or it may be seen that the placenta does not separate after delivery. Myomas are likely to cause bleeding. In addition, fibroids can cause water to come prematurely during pregnancy. For the most part, fibroids do not cause any discomfort in pregnancy, but sometimes they can also reveal such problems. In general, it can be said that fibroids do not interfere with pregnancy. But there is also the possibility of fibroids occurring in the lining of the uterus to prevent pregnancy.



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