New York Fashion Week 2019-20 fall winter trends


High neck ruffles

The fisherman catches come to the 2019-20 autumn winter period with a great change with the Victorian form. When you think of romantic lace, ruffles and floral patterns that add air to the most favorite collections of autumn, would you guess how cool these high neck ruffles can look? Although the frills of Marc Jacobs and Brock Collection, one of the pioneering collections on the train, seem a bit big for us, Tory Burch’s elegant designs may be indispensable for your wardrobe.


Rise of feathers

Every day, more and more luxury brands decided not to use real fur, and this turned fashion into feathers. Colorful, attractive and extravagant feathers have gone through the 2019-20 fall winter collections like the wind. While the colorful feathers of Prabal Gurung and the white feathers of Oscar De La Renta are candidates to be objects of desire, the style of the Michael Kors Collection is impressive.


New generation patches

At New York Fashion Week, designers brought a modern look for 2019 women to the popular pattern of the 70s. Michael Kors and Oscar De La Renta add a nostalgic feel to these coats, while Eckhaus Latta combined colorful patches with sweaters.


Time to emphasize waist

2019-2020 fall winter period, it’s time to reveal the waist! The belts of the last season, which were worn in the full waist hollow, appeared with different variations in the fashion shows. Isn’t it the right time to wear these belts that are used differently from the ones that are worn on the suits to the coats? Remember, emphasizing the waist always makes a woman elegant.

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