Omega 3 awareness from celebrities

Famous actress Burcu Kara, former model and actress Ceyda Düvenci, actress Aslı Tandogan, Berat Efe Parlar, the popular ‘Kırill’ of screens Alihan Türkdemir, Specialist Dr. Ender Saraç and his wife Benan Saraç came together to support the Koruncuk Foundation in order to raise awareness of omega 3.


Within the scope of the project, celebrities made a social assistance campaign and painted their future dreams with their children. The pictures collected within the scope of the simultaneous project launched on social media were donated to Koruncukköy Urla in order to allow girls with limited access to school to continue their education.


Picture your dream

Famous figures, who came together to emphasize Koruncuk within the scope of social responsibility, to emphasize the role of omega 3 in child health and success, painted their dreams with their children.


Health effects of Omega 3

The contribution of omega 3 in child health, concentration and increasing success in lessons is also on the agenda of parents.

Prof. dr. In the event, where Ayper Somer participated as a speaker, Somer explained the effects of omega 3 on children. He said that it is a fact accepted by the scientific world that Omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA, contribute to the development of brain, nerve and retina in children. Stating that different scientific studies show that children given omega 3 supplements perform better and concentrate better in school; “In the healthy development and growth of the child, especially the EPA and DHA-rich nutrition should be given importance. The necessary Omega 3 fatty acids in the body should not be synthesized by the body. According to the Food Codex Labeling Communiqué, Omega 3 fatty acid DHA in fish oil helps normal development of the brain and the eye and nervous system in children aged 4-13 years. “ said.


Is it enough to consume fish for Omega 3

Specialist Dr. In the event he participated as a speaker in Ender Saraç and made very striking statements; Saraç emphasized the importance of fish oil and what should be considered when choosing fish oil, while answering the question of whether we can get enough omega 3 with the foods we eat.

By explaining the effects of Omega 3 on health, Saraç also draws attention to fish consumption; “However, we should be very careful with the fish we consume, for example, while consuming Black Sea fish, may we be consuming the waste of our northern neighbors” answered the questions and explained the benefits of fish oil consumption.

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