One of the effective ways to make lips appear thicker is in their vases!


Having plump and eye-catching lips is one of the things every woman wants to have. But for those who do not want to get fillers and botox, making lips look fuller and bigger is of course not impossible! With small touches and practical methods, you can make your lips look bigger and fuller than they are! 4 ways to make your lips fuller and bigger than you are Elmaelma. We brought together for com readers!

Vaseline Shows Lip Plump!

The mint flavor in the petroleum jelly provides a slight burning effect on the lips, making it look fuller. Vaseline is also very effective in moisturizing lips. You can make your lips moisturize in a healthy way.

You Can Use Matte Lipsticks!

You can make the lipstick stay longer for the day and make your lips look fuller than you prefer by choosing the one that suits you from the color scale of the matte lipsticks, which are very successful in showing permanence and plump lips.


Frame With Lip Liner!

Before applying the lipstick, carry it around your lips and frame it with a lip liner. Make it look more natural by making light touches with your fingers. You can make your lips look fuller than they are by applying the lipstick you want to put on.

Use Light Shades Lipstick!

Using light colored lipsticks will make your lips look healthier and will also help your lips look fuller and bigger. To make the lips look fuller, you can apply a gloss that will help increase the effect by a click.

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